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This Week in Blogs for Feb. 28

Posted by Scott / February 28, 2007

outside-looking-in-blog.jpgJust one day after the NHL trade deadline, many Habs fans are voicing their concerns about GM Bob Gainey’s lack of activity. Strangely, the bloggers for the most part are not – it’s the people, maaaaan.

Those of you who are not hockey fans may not understand the significance of Trade Deadline Day. It provides an opportunity (as office pools and EA Sports games do) for fans to become armchair GMs and envision the trades they would make to improve their team’s chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

The Habs situation is dire. They hold the final playoff spot by 1 point, and have lost 6 of their last 10 games. With starting goalie Cristobal Huet on the injured reserve, backup David Aebischer porous at best, and rookie Jaroslav Halak clearly not the next unproven rookie to take the team to the finals, readers of a few local blogs have picked up the scent of this season’s blood in the water.

Despite Coach Carboneau’s positive spin on things, Habsblog boasts 213 comments to their Habs-Trade-Day post. Most seem to note that the Canadiens need some goaltending help.

Same at HabsInsideOut, who note that the pick-up of Michael Leighton off waivers means the Habs essentially have three goalies who, combined, do not add up to one starter.

Metroblogging Montreal’s weekly Habs review just states the frustration that many fans seem to be feeling: that of being so close to the action, yet unable to really participate. Much like the image that starts today’s post – when the playoffs come around, the Habs players may find themselves on the outside looking in. At the very least, they will have an idea of how their fans feel.



a.d. / March 2, 2007 at 06:52 pm
it's definitely turned out to be a heartbreaking season. those first three months of the season were a beautiful thing to watch though...they were playing like a team with speed and finesse, special teams killed, huet was on fire and koivu was leading by example. maybe they just burned out. i don't think another rental player would have helped. we did that with kovalev and the payoff was dubious. work with what they got and get a friggin goalie!
scott / March 3, 2007 at 05:57 pm
well, its true. i think gainey was basically thinking long term while the fans (as all fans will) wanted immediate success. never too late to start thinking about next season.

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