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This Week in Blogs for Feb. 8!

Posted by Scott / February 8, 2007

letter-b-4.jpgI play hockey here in the Montreal version of the Exclaim Hockey league, which is 5 team league primarily made up of musicians and related weirdoes. Last night we (the Iceholes) played an exhibition game against CISM, the team from U of M radio. We finished around 12.30 AM, took off our stinking gear, had a beer, and drove home through the freezing Montreal streets.

Passing L’Oblique around 1 AM we were shocked to see people already lining up for Arcade Fire tickets. Three parka-donned fans were milling around the store, looking very cold and surprisingly sober (bars are open until 3 here, guys). They had the area around the front door, and the surrounding 4 block radius, entirely to themselves. Hope you got some tix, dudes…good luck with the frostbite.

So it may not be breaking news, but This Week in Blogs – people are commenting on the Arcade Fire shows at the Ukrainian Federation.

If you attended any of the shows and want some highlights, or if you missed any because you had to leave the front of L’Oblique for some deep-tissue re-heating in 101 – 104 degree water, Montreal City Weblog posts about the show and includes a link to some Youtube footage; Metroblogging Montreal posts about the line up for tickets and not really understanding all the fuss; and PanPot describes some show highlights and includes some photos.

Given that the Arcade Fire shows are all over the traditional media (such as CBC) it comes as no surprise that the local blogs are too. It surprises me a little though, given how hard it is to type with missing, frostbitten digits.

See you Next Week in Blogs! Enjoy the shows.

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