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Today’s Tips: February 20th, 2007

Posted by Chip / February 20, 2007

photo from the midnightpoutine flickr pool by apoemabouteverything

Today’s news bits are full of helpful hints to help you live a safer, healthier, more cultured and politically successful life. Ok, so maybe they don’t all coincide, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking some good advice home with you today. Let’s do this in list form:

1. Wait a week or two before eating any Dole cantaloupes. This will be tough, seeing as how this melon is usually so juicy and delicious. Try substituting pineapple in the meantime.

2. If you’re planning on buying a car, avoid weekends or you may get hit in the head with a chunk of ice. Don’t believe me, ask this guy.

3. Better yet, don’t buy a car, share one. Maybe, if you’re lucky there will soon be some laws in place to help you out.

4. Always use the buddy system when snowboarding in a desolate quarry. Kevin Ramsey did, and even though he was buried under 3 metres of snow, he was out of the hospital in a day.

5. Don’t record a CD unless you can sing, or have musical talent. Mr. Newtown himself thought he’d take a break from racing for a while. How and where can I get a record deal?

6. If you want to get elected into to office, keep your promises. Or not, I haven’t really figured it out. I think as long as you promise stuff before every election and put it in your phantom budget, it doesn’t really matter what you do after you’re elected. Or promise stupid stuff and follow through, that works too.

7. Go to the Museum at midnight. Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal is hosting an all-nighter as part of the highlights festival. It’s a proven fact that art looks much better in the moonlight.

That’s all for the tips of today.

Rejoice people, the days are getting longer.



J Mac / February 20, 2007 at 03:17 pm
Thanks for the tips. I love Robyn's pic, by the way. Awesome-tastic.
Deborah Bakker / February 20, 2007 at 08:10 pm
It's a proven fact that Canadian winters look better in awesome pictures viewed from a computer in Asuncion Paraguay, where at 11Ñ00 pm, its 27C. oops. spanish keyboard. Despite this, call me insane, I really do truly wish to come home. Thanks Robyn!
rrrobyn / February 21, 2007 at 10:03 am
i'm glad you guys like that picture! figuring out how to achieve a rough semblance of depth of field with a camera the size of your palm = achievement

i like the tips format, chipperz

hi deb :) we will keep the snow going for your return home - come to mtl on wkend of march 3 for mtl all-nighter! everyone!
Kubat / February 4, 2015 at 09:49 am
great job, great pics; if I were getting mriared oh well, 33 years too late!!! pics of adam and lauren are terrific but you guys really capture the moment, whatever it is! bravo!ellen thibault

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