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Tuesday Table Talk: Feb. 6, 2007

Posted by Chip / February 6, 2007

Back when I was growing up, if you didn’t know anything about English League Soccer, you knew about the Liverpool football club. They were probably the reason that one of your high school friends drank Carlsberg Beer. Maybe the most famous club in English football has been sold to Montreal Canadiens owner George Gillett. And didn’t we feel bad for him for all the taxes he had to pay on the Bell Centre – around $10 M per year? Well, the Liverpool deal is reportedly worth over 470 Million UK Pounds, hooligans included.

Montreal publisher Barclay Road believes that they can make money off the once cancelled OJ Simpson, ‘if I did it’ book. Hooray for scruple-less book publishers!

Two stories that go hand in hand today…one describing a Village club owner’s method of making it easier to destroy your health by providing a convenient smoking location…and the other outlining the latest release of the Canada food guide which hypothesizes that maybe some fatty intake ain’t such a bad thing after all. Hooray for fatty foods!

Apparently Fred Flintstone will have plenty of breakfast to eat for the next while. Three Indian ‘explorers’ (not scientists) have recovered more than 100 fossilized dinosaur eggs in a remote area in central India. Who knew that India had remote areas any more?

And, do you know where your donations are really ending up? In recent years, many Canadians outside Quebec have donated at least $1.6-million to an animal-welfare group that operates solely in the Montreal area. Should they be upset that their money is helping Montreal animals only? Read about it here.



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