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Tuesday's Tales: February 13th, 2007

Posted by Chip / February 13, 2007

These days, for Quebec’s media, it’s all Herouxville, all the time. You may be as tired as hearing about this on-going saga as I am, but I guess some people believe that there are major cultural implications involved. To follow the story, just pick up any daily print media or tune your radio in to CBC. For today, we’ll worry about other stories of political nature…

A provincial election is just around the corner. Based on the latest survey, the timing is seemingly right for the ruling Liberals to ask people to go to the polls. However, our provincial electoral system ensures nothing, and this is sure to spark new debate over proportional representation.

The election call will be coming on the heels of the Federal government’s pledge of $1.5 Billion to the provinces to fight pollution and global warming. For politicians, the environment is hot right now (no pun intended) and Quebec’s share of $350 Million looks good, at least on paper.

This summer, a week after the Tour de France ends, North America will host a new major stage race from Montreal to Boston. The opening stage is due to take place on a challenging urban circuit in Montréal showcasing the city's main sights. The cyclists will spend a few more days in Quebec before making their way through the mountains of Vermont and through New England, before finishing in Boston. Start training people!

Leave your camcorders at home…Montreal moviegoers were frisked upon entering theatres and then shown a skit comparing movie piracy to car theft. The commission report into the Laval De La Concorde overpass collapse has been delayed by several months and will only be released in October 2007. Striking CN conductors and yard service workers will call off their national strike if it is ruled that the work stoppage is illegal.

And who’s gonna pay $225 to see the Police bring their money-hungry reunion tour to the Bell Centre? You?



Steve / February 13, 2007 at 02:14 pm
Glad you liked that photo.. we have a great view of all the protests that head down towards the US embassy. This was an anti abu-ghraib protest. You should probably link it back to flickr though ( due to CC licence?
Chip / February 13, 2007 at 02:28 pm
Consider it linked...
Kenneth T. Tellis / February 19, 2007 at 09:03 am
If anything can be said for Andre Drouin, the Herouxvlle, Quebec, Town Councillor, it is this. His actions of getting a bylaw passed that singled out Muslim immigrants, got millions of dollars in publicity, absolutely without cost. Just think, it took a village idiot like Andre Drouin to fool the world into giving his small town all that coverage.

But the matter of all those stupid bylaws was only for public consumption, as no Muslim immigrants lived in the town.

Now, if we look at Herouxville, Quebec, we will see the face of hidden racism. It was in Quebec in August 1977, that a bill was passed by the neo-fascist Parti Quebecois government of Rene Levesque, that banned the use of English language. But, it went one step further. It created a Language Gestapo to make sure that English was never used on Store Front signs or businesses in Quebec. That bill as it came to be knwn was Bill 101. It even create a department called l'Office de la langue Joual, which was created to promote the Quebecois (a Metis people) culture, religion, and language. But, the sad part of it, was that JOUAL was not French, but a French patois, used by these mexed blooded people. Being that their background was Amerind-French. One may well use the term MULE, when alluding to the Quebecois/Quebecoise. Because like the MULE, they do not belong to the French or Indian races. But, do not tell that to the Quebecois. They like to think of themselves as French and European, Ha! Ha! Boy, have they got a bad case of inferiority complex? One wonders where these misfits will ever find their true roots.

It was Bill 101, that caused 800,000 English-speaking people to dig up their roots and leave Quebec behind. But, that story ois still not over. The immigrants with their large families, will one day over run Quebec, and the Quebecois will have to leave behind their dreams of a Metis nation.
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