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HumpDay Headlines - March 28, 2007

Posted by Cat / March 28, 2007

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Elections, elections, elections. Continuing (sigh) with the election news: Andre Boislcair still insists he is the right man for the job and promises to reform the PQ platform in the coming months. That includes sticking the sovereignty question on the back burner for now. Meanwhile, Charest is wrestling with how to lead a minority government, all the while promising to defend his $700 million tax cut.

Had it up to here with elections? Good news. Stephen Harper will not call a spring election.

More good news: The Habs have snagged a playoff spot. For now.

Still more good news, we hope: The City of Montreal announced phase two of its sustainable development plan, that includes buying more local and fair trade products, and introducing an island-wide composting program. Phase one saw the city create 20 kilometres of new bike paths.

But if you are still feeling a tad afflicted, Today's Food Section (certified Kosher-for-Passover) can help! It'll comfort you with matzo brei (along with a history primer on the "bread of affliction"), it will sweeten your seder, and it will feed your goy-ish charm with delicious recipes for simple, tasty crostini and scrumptious haute, apres-school treats. But as the post-Lenten, Christian sugar-high of Easter looms ever larger, bear in mind these sobering stats. Affliction, indeed. Oy vey.

Photo courtesy of New York Times

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