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Monday Media Mélange: News for March 26, 2007

Posted by Chip / March 26, 2007

20072603_poopoo.jpgSigh. Today is Monday AND it’s election day, which means Jean Charest, Andre Boisclair and Mario Dumont are all plastered across the front of every newspaper and local media source. Staring at their mugs for the last month has prompted many to look deep inside their souls and ask themselves the big question: To vote or not to vote? If you’ve decided to vote, today’s your lucky day. Doors at polling stations are open until 20:00 (but if you get in line before then, they’ll let you vote until 21:00). Here’s a tool to help you find out where to go cast your vote.

This could be an historic day, as there has never been a minority government elected in Quebec, and it’s been over 40 years since a leader wasn’t re-elected for a second term.

Once you’ve voted, you can turn your attention to Canada’s first war crimes trial taking place in our beloved city. A genocide case is being brought against Désiré Munyaneza which involves crimes against humanity and war crimes dating back 10 years in Rwanda.

Finally, last week the city of Montreal announced that not only are their buses are going to be running on bio-diesel fuel, but they will soon include a hybrid fleet in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Enjoy your voting experience, and don’t forget that there are actually more than just 3 choices: Quebec Solidaire and the Green Party are running candidates in most ridings and there are many independents to choose from.

Photo from Midnight Poutine Flickr Group member Little Miss Pixel Pants



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