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This Week in Blogs for March 15

Posted by Scott / March 15, 2007

calendar-blog.jpgWelcome to the Ides of March! In a related story, Quebec Election coverage, and the recent debate dominate our local blogs.

Adrian's Lemon Juice posts a blow-by-blow of the debate and captures the zeitgeist of the electorate - should we have been watching the debate, the Habs game, or American Idol?

As Jeremy pointed out in his post earlier, there's a lot of talk about who looked "statesman-like" or delivered the best sound bite in the debate. If the festivities left you wondering who you will vote for, you may want to check out local blog A World of Cheese, who offer a link (en francais) for readers to assess which party is the best fit for them, based on a series of questions.

Excluded from the debate, but not the hearts and minds of many Montrealers, the Green Party made news this week too. As Montreal City Weblog points out, the Green Party propose offsetting municipal costs via tollbooths on the bridges. I think it's a great idea, but of course, I don't drive in the city, and rarely travel over bridges anymore because a couple of dudes keep suggesting that bridges around Montreal aren't safe.

Finally, the most pertinent post about politics this week came from Chronicles of the 12th Floor, who point out that despite what some politicians may say, it is possible they believe climate change could be controlled by UFOs.

It may not have come up in this week's debate, but then again, it's hard to get info about UFOs into a nice little soundbite.

See you Next Week in Blogs. Beware the Ides of March!

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