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This Week in Blogs for March 29 - Love Your Vices

Posted by Scott / March 29, 2007

skate-monolith-blog.jpgI once knew someone who said that the difference between Montrealers and other Canadian townsfolk is that most Canadians try to downplay their vices, whereas Montrealers define themselves by them.

Now, I don’t know how much I can agree with that, but sometimes it seems to make sense, and This Week in Blogs, there’s a recurring theme of enjoying this town’s illicit fun.

Long-time readers of Midnight Poutine will know about my love for all things pinball. That's why I was so interested in Coolopolis’ post about Pinball from 1975, complete with an interview with the cop responsible for cracking down on Montreal’s pinball parlours. It all seems a little quaint now, but it gives a great overview of MTL’s roots (plus: nudity!), and is worth reading.

Not enough vice for your tastes? Read on...

Also This Week in Blogs, the Chicagoan in Montreal posts his experience consuming poutine in Montreal. While not necessarily an illicit activity, on a quiet night, around midnight let’s say, if you listen carefully you can hear your arteries hardening.

Finally, in the “Skateboarding is Not a Consultation” department, Stevey recommends that Montreal skateparks be build based on consultation with…wait for it…skateboarders!

I mean, why would city administrators ask skaters what they want? Administrators know more about what's-good-for-skaters than skaters ever would.

All of this to say – Montrealers! Enjoy your vices! It's spring and you are in a city that (according to some) defines itself by its love of illicit activity! How exciting is that?

Maybe it's time to develop some new vices - what are you into these days? Anything you would be ashamed of, if you did not live in this glorious town? Let us know...

And...see you Next Week in Blogs.



Hannah / March 30, 2007 at 11:41 am
Great <a href="";>story</a> about pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek creating a first-rate skate park in Kettering, Ohio in Dwell a few months ago. He's created a <a href="";>foundation</a> that helps skaters bring skate plazas to their cities. Might be worth giving him a call?
scott / March 30, 2007 at 12:05 pm
maybe! its that same old story that our parents used to say, "If it works for Kettering, Ohio, it works for me."
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