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This Week in Blogs for March 8

Posted by Scott / March 8, 2007

winter-tree-blog.jpgThis week in blogs, Adrian’s Lemon Juice alerts us to the symptoms of frostbite – what to look for and how to treat it. Worth reading, for sure, and seems of particular importance, given how snot-freezingly cold it has been. The weather, as usual, is noted by several local bloggers, across this frozen city.

Many in the local blogsphere are also voicing their concern about reasonable accommodation, and its limits. Those limits? The soccer pitch, apparently.

However, probably the most critical post from a local blogger this week comes from Seen From Here, who post about Poutine and Coleslaw and bringing poutine to Austin, Texas. I am sure someone more philosophical than I would be able to tie this to reasonable accommodation. Or at least, reasonably delicious accommodation.

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