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What's up Wednesday - News for Mar. 21

Posted by Jer / March 21, 2007

20070321kitty.jpgYour Wednesday news correspondent, Cat, usually gives you the scoop on local news and food. Filling in as best as I can, I start with a food story (sorry for the implicit cat pun).

Pet-owners watch out. A cat named Mookie has become the first Quebec feline to pass away as a result of a tainted pet food scare that is sweeping across Ontario and some parts of the United States. Menu Foods provides products to a range of popular pet food brands, and has a list of recalled products on their website.

Charest promised Quebecers some major tax cuts after Monday's federal budget and Mario Dumont unveiled his
long-awaited financial platform. Both Duceppe and Boisclair attacked the Liberal and ADQ leaders, with Boisclair making bigger headlines for calling Dumont the "Peter Pan" of Quebec. It is unclear whether Boisclair was referring to Peter Pan as portrayed brilliantly by Robin Williams (1991) or the far less impressive Jeremy Sumpter (2003).

As the Park Ave. YMCA gets set to put in clear windows with blinds, La Presse discusses the results of a survey on cultural differences. Not surprisingly, the more contact we have with other cultures, the more likely we are to have a favourable impression of them. Sadly, I've decided the best way to reasonably accommodate everyone around me is by not leaving my house and playing playstation all day.

Rookie Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak recorded his first NHL shutout last night as the Habs beat the Bruins 1-0. Keep your fingers crossed Montreal...the Habs currently sit in 10th place, tied with Toronto and Carolina.

The Gazette gets the best headline of the day award: "Ass gets last word during bizzare protest". Don't be fooled though...sadly, they're just talking about a donkey.

picture above from flickr user spcbrass. the cat in the photo did not pass way from food poisoning and is actually available for adoption.

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