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Channel 514: Why's everyone so nice on 110%?

Posted by MP / April 23, 2007

It was a slow week in Montreal TV-land this weekend, so I was looking forward to this week's edition of 110%. As a Montreal anglo, I must confess I haven't watched much. In fact, I've never watched it. But I've heard the stories: slagging Saku Koivu, slagging Kovalev, slagging Carbonneau, slagging Gainey, and generally playing the language card for all it was worth. So I was ready for some fireworks.

Was I ever disappointed. Le Tigre, the Journal's Marc DeFoy, La Presse's François Gagnon and the rest of the gang were analyzing La Presse's survey that appeared on Sunday giving the Habs GM a hearty "Atta-boy Bob" despite missing the playoffs, again. And the Cent-dix guys were actually being nice. Huh? Where was all the venom? The outrage? The vitriol? The sheer stirring-shit-upness?

I always considered 110% a sort of no-go-zone, TV-wise. My French is pretty good, but I could see myself getting both confused and angry, never a good combination, at the inherent small-minded bandwagoning and fingerpointing and, hey, let's face it, weird xemophobia the show's famous for. But all that good TV stuff must've been on other episodes, because on Monday the guys oozed understanding, compassion and even some grudging acknowledgement that the Canadiens were (gasp!) headed in the right direction. Hmmm. Something's wrong here.

There was a lot of Quebec-centric hockey to talk about: Lecavalier and St. Louis out, Brière, Brodeur and Luongo are in. Did they get mentioned? Only Brière, and only in passing, as evidence of how things are going in the New NHL, and how the Canadiens are doing things right. Well, that's not what I tuned in for. I wanted rage! I wanted controversy! I wanted bigotry! The closest they got was Bergeron rolling his eyes and muttering something when Kovalev's name came up.

Hell, for all I got, I could've been watching roly-poly Randy T on Sportsnight.



sco / April 24, 2007 at 11:05 am
my french is pretty bad, but i often watch sports coverage en francais. however, 110% is a NIGHTMARE way to try to improve yr french. they yell over each other at a million miles an hour. you must have caught them on an off day...consider yourself lucky.
and yeah, the montreal perspective on luongo is very odd...i've heard him refered to as the "anglo" on RDS.
OJ / April 24, 2007 at 12:44 pm
Best description of Randy T. ever.
Fairfax / April 26, 2007 at 04:10 pm
I'm an anglo, and I watch 110% all the time. Partly because I don't have cable so there's not much else on at 11:00 on weeknights, especially if you're a sports fan.

But still... I enjoy it. For sure it's Quebec-centric, and for sure sometimes there's too much emphasis on what language people happen to speak. But it's always entertaining and, as you saw, usually most of the comments are reasonable and justified. I mean, I roll my eyes and mutter something every time Kovalev's name comes up, too.
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