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Monday media mastications - April 23, 2007

Posted by Cat / April 23, 2007

20070423_callmepoupee.jpgIn classic Quebecois style, yesterday's various Earth Day gatherings were a sea of african drums and jester hats. In the country's largest Earth Day rally, over 25,000 Montrealers marched to pressure the Federal gov't to commit to the emissions targets of the Kyoto Protocol. Non-plussed with Environment Minister John Baird's announcement that the current federal gov't will not honour Canada's commitment to the Protocol's covenants, the overall mood of the marchers was one of pessimism, clown wigs notwithstanding.

Sun Media Corp. locked out workers at Le Journal de Quebec yesterday, amid negotiations over changes to working conditions, including the move from a four-day to five-day work week.

More than 700 Quebec artists, from the worlds of dance, theatre, music, the circus, culinary arts, film and literature, have gathered in Ottawa to participate in a 16-day festival called Quebec Scene. The festival aims to raise the profile of Quebecois aritsts in English Canada.

And speaking of raising a profile, police in the Lachine area are looking for a flasher/exhibitionist who has been targeting schools in the area.

Photo of Call Me Poupee courtesy of Bonsound-Cocktail/Canadian Press

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