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Thursday's Tidbits - News for Apr. 19

Posted by Jer / April 19, 2007

Here's the news that will change your world today:

Jean Charest announced his new slimmed down politically correct cabinet yesterday. The 18-person cabinet has equal numbers of men and women. It's also notable for including Yolande James, Quebec's first ever black cabinet minister. There is no word on whether or not the cabinet will eventually include women wearing hijabs.

Police have found and charged a man involved in the gruesome bagged body parts story that Cat mentioned in yesterday's news.

The southbound lane of the Mercier street bridge will be closed this weekend for repairs, so if you were thinking of using it, don't. Motorists can still use the bridge but will have to head southbound using the northbound lane (bring a compass).

In nerd news, apparently a few Montreal video game retailers have broken the street date for the new Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. They're selling the game before it's officially released making local pokemaniacs happy. Wow. Pokémon. Now there's a word I haven't heard in awhile. Kinda like the words Wang Chung.

Finally, the Gazette has a good rundown of a cool symposium coming up at Concordia. I know the words cool and symposium probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence but, the Logos Cities conference will draw scholars, designers, and artists together to "foster an informed, critical dialogue about signage, branding, and lettering in public space - in a variety of contexts".

peace-pushing pikachu photo from flickr user Indinigma

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