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Monday Media Bites for May 7, 2007

Posted by Chip / May 7, 2007

20070507_hearts.jpgCan we now officially call it spring? I’m thinking yes. Birds are chirping. Terraces are open. Trees, flowers and romances are all blooming across the city. One romance that seems to have soured however, is that of Alcoa and Alcan.

Who’d have thought that the world’s 2 biggest aluminum companies couldn’t come to an amicable merger agreement? Because they couldn’t, Alcoa has launched a hostile takeover bid for Montreal’s favorite aluminum producer…If skinned human cadavers are your cup of tea, head on down to the Montreal Science Centre for the world famous/controversial Body Worlds 2, the Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, starting this Thursday and running through the summer…I don’t think Andre Boisclair and Gilles Duceppe will be attending the exhibit together. They’ve been attacking each other in the media in what is a perceived power struggle for the Parti Quebecois…mark May 22 on your calendars, this is the date MTC maintenance workers have set as a strike date, which means there’s only a couple of weeks to get an agreement done, or you’ll be roller blading to work…if you hate flying out of Dorval, try the Plattsburgh airport - it boasts free parking, cheap fairs and fully bilingual signage...and our provincial government is trying to put the whole Mont Orford fiasco behind us by announcing that the sale of a big portion of the park has been halted and the land will remain in government hands. Feel better?

Photo from MP Flickr Group member Primo Calabrese.

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