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This Week in Blogs for May 24 – STM Solutions

Posted by Scott / May 24, 2007

metro-crowd.jpgA couple of years ago, my accomplice and I were in New York for Christmas, arriving the day before the New York Transit Strike brought the entire city to a halt. What was interesting to us (other than completely unfettered access to galleries that would usually be stuffed at that time of year) was how New Yorkers came together during the strike. People on the street were voicing their support of the union, cabbies offered flat-rates for travel within Manhattan, and the city mandated that no cars could enter midtown without at least four occupants, which made carpools essential.

So, what are Montrealers doing?

Last Week in Blogs we saw several comments from Midnight Poutine readers on the STM Strike – some comments coming in support of the striking STM union, some offering very thinly veiled death threats.

Metroblogging Montreal offers ten tips on surviving the transit strike, and Montreal City Weblog shows that our city’s museums are trying to figure out contingency plans in case the transit strike affects the upcoming Museums Day (on May 27). People are looking for solutions, and This Week in Blogs I wanted to know if Midnight Poutine readers have stories about how Montrealers are reacting.

Did you rent a car and then try to find others that could benefit from a ride? Did you work out the best bike routes to work and share that info with your colleagues? Or, conversely, did you shove an old woman out of the way to ensure that you caught the last metro of the evening (gotta get home in time to catch Randy Tieman’s sports highlights)?

Let us know how you are getting along, or what you’re discovering about Montrealers and how we deal with adversity like this. Whether we support the union or not, we're all in this together. This Week in Blogs we're curious about how we're all dealing with the strike.

Let us know!



Chris / May 25, 2007 at 02:49 am
It hasn't really effected me much as I bike year round and Metro service in my part of the city (Griffintown) isn't very good as the station is too far away and is on the orange line which is no good for a Concordia student.

I have seen a few people hitchhiking-one in TMR the other day and another on de la Montagne near the Bell Centre today. I wonder if hitchikers are getting picked up and if there are many of them.
scott / May 25, 2007 at 11:28 am
I have read stories elsewhere of people picking up hitchers...that was the sort of "let's all work together" thing I was hoping to hear, here. Hear, hear.

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