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Thursday Newsblitz - May. 10, 2007

Posted by Jer / May 10, 2007

My friend has this horrible joke. But it's the only news-related joke I know, so I will subject you all to it now: Did you hear about the new corduroy pillows? They're making headlines. Hey, at least I didn't make you scroll down to the end of this post to hear the answer. I do have some decency. Other than the pillows, here's what's making headlines today:

The PQ are a cranky bunch. Not only did they force-dump Boisclair, they seem to be telling Gilles Duceppe to stay outta town. Today, Pauline Marois (who ran in the last two leadership races) seems to be the favoured successor, though check back here tomorrow to see if minds have changed.

The Liberals are a silly bunch. Despite major opposition to his pre-election proposed tax cuts, Charest is still pushing ahead. Tax cuts, the elimination of junk food in schools, raising tuition fees, and caring for the elderly were among the top priorities set out in the Premier's inaugural address. The speech wasn't all bad; it brought the smart announcement of the Anastasia Act, a bill that would limit the transport of semi-automatics and hand guns, in honour of the woman slain in last year's Dawson College shooting.

Testimony at the Air India inquiry yesterday revealed that a former member of Quebec's provinicial police, Serge Carignan, was ordered to check the plane for bombs when it landed here in Montreal, en route to London. But when Serge and his bomb sniffing dog, Arko, got to the airport, the plane had already taken off. (Cue Scooby Doo sound..whhhoaaaat?)

If stories about adults, politics, and bombs are getting you down, the Gazette has two stories about why kids are the future (I mean, other than the fact that they literally are the next generation). The first is about an intercultural exchange program designed to introduce kids to other cultures and foster greater understanding. The second is a volunteer project geared towards getting kids to realize the benefits of helping others.

And finally, if you have as much disdain for reality television shows as I do, you probably won't care that someone got voted off American Idol last night, or that Phil Keoghan, host of the Amazing Race, was in Montreal signing autographs and promoting his new book and TV gig, No Opportunity Wasted. Unlike other reality shows, this one will encourage people to take risks and live their lives to the fullest.

On the subject of risks and life's full potential, extra-special kudos to the Montreal Roller Derby girls. The derby, the city's first female roller league, had its debut last week, and from the account in the paper, it sounds way better than anything Phil Keoghan or Mark Burnett could provide.

photo of a non-bomb sniffing dog from flickr user owizard

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