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Weekend of Anarchy: The Interview

Posted by Dave / May 19, 2007

ABF.jpg In the lead up to today's Anarchist bookfair/Salon du Livre Anarchiste (@CEDA 2515 rue Delisle, near Lionel Groulx Metro), I was fortunate enough to sit co-organizer Sara down for 5 hard hitting questions. Here they are in all their glory.

Three best memories from bookfairs past.

This question is no fair! Every second spent at the bookfair is a happy memory. So, I'll give you three examples:

1. The first year the Big M and I tabled for ABCF, all eager and earnest. We had this tiny little table, and we painstakingly laid out our few buttons and pamphlets about prisoners (which we had scrambled to finish the night before, of course). I totally picked out what I thought was a "militant" looking outfit. Just picture it! Aren't we the cutest things?

2. Ashanti Alston, the "Anarchist Panther," speaking to an absolutely rapt audience at his workshop a couple of years back. Man, that guy can tell a story! And he's one of the few people I've seen who brings such solid race, gender and class analysis to any issue. This year part of the bookfair proceeds will be given to Ashanti, whose rare collection of Black Panther literature was recently damaged in a flood.

3. The Kidz parade. I dare you to watch those little folks march through the bookfair space with their banners and signs, and not be moved beyond words.

In 7 words or less, why should someone think seriously about Anarchism?

Because it is true democracy and freedom.
Because it is endorsed by Dave Hill.

Now try slimming that puppy down into 1 word?


I was recently in San Antonio where Al Gore and David Suzuki spoke at the same event. From your point of view, Gore and Suzuki, who would win at a God of War match-up?

I interviewed Suzuki a few years back, and that guy was a total hardass. And I can't really picture Gore having any kind of hand-eye coordination. But the answer is clear: I win the God of War match-up.



scott / May 20, 2007 at 12:24 pm
traditionally, the God of War winner gets a pin, hastily finished the night before.
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