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A Web-Series that Ups the Ante

Posted by Michael / May 12, 2008

Promo 2 Als A.jpgBrowsing online could be described as a mix between ADD and junk food. You can bounce around while fiending out on the most fattening of your decadent fancies. Tried, tested and true, we’ve been frantically clicking on ten second videos that maintain a type of hurt-upon-impact punch or so-freaky-it’s-like-a-drug appeal. It’s very nice.

Meanwhile, two guys are trying to ‘up the ante’ on web videos, bringing their creative minds and some much needed production-value to the net.

“I shot, he acted, we co-wrote, we co-edited.”

Meet Joe Baron. Joe shot and his long-time friend Seth Mendelson acted in their web-series Take Me Back. What is it? Well let’s just say it’s bite size portions of Arrested Development infused with Lost style suspense starring a calm, cool, collective Napoleon Dynamite and a cute girl who grows on you like a cashmere sweater. It’s funny, smart, original and copasetic – so it’s worth a gander.

The ten episode mini-series follows the life of Al, who is the ‘pathetic hero, the relatable everyman who gets in over his head’. Al’s mundane existence takes on some colour and chaos as the story brings him an adorable girl named Emma, who's all smiles and sass. This budding love plays second stage to Al's kidnapping by an eccentric, masked creep (wait till you figure out who he is). This is where the suspense plays hard and the show hooks you - cause all the arising questions need answers dammit!

Take Me Back makes the most out of the online medium, re-assuring my confidence that there’s much potential to grassroots produce some killer content online. I’m still crossing my fingers that an audience for this stuff will pop up.

The show was produced over 15 grueling months. “It wasn’t a hobby, it was a full-time job, that you didn’t get paid to do,” says Joe.

Throughout the whole experience, Joe and Seth have come to realize that it takes a lot more than just a good idea to make it big. The Internet has become the ‘wild west of cinema’ and it’s hard to get yourself known. Promotion is everything and the two are tentatively working with a producer on a site that will feature shows like TMB, hopefully attracting more eyeballs.

“We both figured [the net] is where it’s gunna go, so we got on that bandwagon and hope the show will start pulling the bandwagon - getting others onboard as well,” says Joe. “We hope the show will get others to say, shit, if these guys can do it, I can do it too.”

Into it, I’m itching for answers. The show is on episode six of ten. A new episode comes out every Monday. Take a break and check it out - from the beginning of course.

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