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Snap! Magazine Launch: Wednesday, July 16th

Posted by Sarah / July 18, 2008

Snap cover 2One of the first things I noticed about this city when I moved here was how many free magazines were available to the public, everywhere. Some are good, some are pretty bad, but they all serve their own function as far as free press goes. Most of them talk about current events and are there to help you choose from the wide array of things to do around town. For those of you looking for something a bit more cultured and developed in terms of stuff to read along your daily commute, keep your eyes peeled for the brand-new addition, Snap! Magazine, which in my opinion is one of the best things to hit the free stands in Montreal.

This fantastic new little enterprise was launched by two lovely Aussie ladies a few months ago (Fall 2007), first as a website, then as a print edition (Spring 2008) that comes out every second month. I checked out their stuff online before going to meet with them at their plateau office/loft/apartment, but never expected to be presented such an amazing piece of artful work when it came to the actual magazine. It's really, really beautiful. The photos are incredibly artful and of great quality (which is generally lacking in most free magazines); the articles are interesting, varied and pertinent; the paper copy has a fantastic visual appeal to it, unpretentious and cool. I'd be willing to say it's the best looking free magazine in town.

As opposed to others, this one is more like an actual magazine than a giant ad for what's happening. It focuses on arts and life with a bunch of really interesting columns wrapped up in a fantastic-looking layout. Though the magazine survives solely on advertisement, they are far from being as aggressive as what you tend to see out there. They blend as a part of the works, gently suggesting Indyish.com, Pop! Montreal, or nudging you a new brand of beer. A much needed break from the ad-filled world we live in.

The articles cover a variety of topics ranging from every part of Montreal life including, but not limited to, art, fashion, music, restaurants, etc. Every issue has its own theme around which the articles orbit. One of my favorite features is the Street Guide column, which picks a street and picks out all the great places to shop, eat and see. The fashion models are regular people they find on the street (there's a lot of hot-looking regular people in this city) and the content is accessible and easy to dive into.

The ladies do this as a side job and don't make a penny out of it, which I find very courageous for the overall amount of work that goes into it. There's something very genuine that goes into this: doing it for the love and fun of it. There's not only the print copy though. There's also lots to check out on their website, which gets near-daily updates.

If you see it, grab it. Copies are very limited and can be found hanging out with other free publications around town.

Snap! Magazine just launched their second issue last Wednesday at the Blue Dog Motel on St-Laurent, a very friendly and happening party.

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