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Gold, Dust and Power: Photo Exhibit at the Montreal Peace Festival

Posted by Mandy / June 17, 2010

From the exuberance of World Cup fever in Montreal this weekend, to the loud excitement of the Francofolies, a much more subtle, tranquil event will also be taking place. June 17 to June 19 is the Montreal Peace Festival. It will be a celebration of the culture and politics of different regions, as well as Canadian efforts in public education and advocacy.

Picture 2.pngOne of the highlights of the Festival will certainly be the photo exhibit, Gold, Dust and Power: Indigenous Activism and Canadian Mining in Guatemala, from Montreal's own Social Justice Committee, a human rights organization devoted to fighting global poverty, debt, and other social injustices. Taken by photographer James Rodriguez and human rights advocate Paul Lemieux, the exhibit is thought-provoking and shockingly vibrant, given that the focus is on mining. It provides audiences with a rare peep into the rich, indigenous cultures of Guatemala, as well as the consequences of Canadian mining in the region.

Picture 3.pngThe exhibit will be open to the public Friday June 18 from 4pm to 6pm, and on Saturday June 19 from 11am to 9pm as a part of an outdoor activity at 4265 rue Laval. Admission is free.

If you'd like to see the exhibit and learn more about issues related to mining in developing countries, there will be a plenary dinner entitled Exploitation minière et ses conséquences at 6:30 pm on the evening of June 18 at 120 Duluth East. Admission is $10 with your RSVP. To reserve or for more information, please call 514 843 4356.

Photo credit: James Rodriguez and Paul Lemieux



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