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5 Stupid Questions: LoE

Posted by MP / September 29, 2005

The hottest lezzies in Montreal want you to get down - and dirty - tonight at their record launch with DJ Mini at Parking (Thursday, Sept 29 at 10 p.m.) They even endured all 5 of Midnight Poutine's stupid questions and a few more, ahem, culturally relevant enquiries to prove their (homo-nu-goth-d'n'b-punk-) metal.

Do i look/sound fat in these pants?
The fatter the better. Fat is the new thin.

Besides free bird, what's the stupidest thing anyone has ever yelled from the crowd?
Are you really lesbians??

Where are you sleeping the night of your show?
No sleep for the wikkid.

What other shows are you planning to see?
Dude, there are so many! but we will represent for Beaver and Big Bear, of course.

How much money would it take for you to sell out?
Send money now.

Is anyone buying?
Are you? We're actually pretty cheap.

And now getting to the real deep shit:

What's new in lezzie land?
The new CD. It's called Giggles in the Dark and is an album of remixes by such gaylords and fag hags as: Le Tigre, Tracy & the Plastics, Scream Club, 1-Speed Bike, Jody Bleyle (from Team Dresch), Sean Kosa, katastrophe, Kids on TV, and DJ Ai. It's out on crazy coloured vinyl, has an amazing cover drawn by our pal Onya and includes the GITD fanzine with interviews with all the artists. It's hoTT. We're still undecided about a potential cd release. You'll be the first to know.

And you have a video... something about the undead... ?
In a nutshell: gay clone zombies are taking over the world with their plodding gay 2-step and corporate ways! But when a trio of dynamic queers find out, they save us all from mediocrity through the power of excellent dance moves. There's a mega-zombie street dance and some blood-licking. It's all shot on super-8 by 2 members of the Volatile Works video collective.

How do LOE feel about the latest wave of L chic?
Here today, gone tomorrow.

What's in store for you post-Pop?
We're doing a couple shows with the hidden cameras in october and then down to NYC for the launch of jd's latest lesbian calendar in december. We're also recording a song for this Chicks On Speed compilation called Girl Monster that's coming out in February.



Julio / February 5, 2015 at 01:44 pm
I was surprised to see Rice here, as I know her more as an arts & crtfas teacher. I had the pleasure of taking a class from Rice many years ago at a rubber stamp store here in Lubbock, Texas. Very charming lady! And so knowledgable and patient with us rubber stampers in her class. Rice lives in Midland, TX, which is about 120 miles south of me. If any of you have the chance to take a class from Rice, go for it! She is well worth your time.

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