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All These Things Make Noise

Posted by Robyn / September 30, 2005

Deadbush, Et Sans & Dreamcatcher at Le Divan Orange
The Unireverse at Casa del Popolo
Banditas at Le Swimming
Thurs, Sept 29, 2005

What? WHAT?! -- NOISE!! -- What? Get me into a loud place and I say What? or, if feeling polite, Pardon? a lot. I know I'm not alone. Thankfully, these loud places usually involve loud bands that I'm busy listening to (and losing my hearing to), so conversation is minimal. I'm really inconsistent with the earplugs too. But whatever! Last night everything was loud and awesome.

I get to Le Divan Orange at 8 and catch the end of Deadbush - yes! The place was pretty packed and sauna-like so the music/noise was like part of the steam, all around me, actually tunneling into my ears. Deadbush have a lot of toys, I mean, instruments. Some of them get grinded against microphones, some of them get plugged into big amps, all of them make some kind of sound that gets warped through an array of synthesizers and peddles and I don't know. Put together, it all makes sense. This is the fascinating thing about Deadbush and the following two bands: it does make sense in its own way - there's a detectable pattern going on.

Et Sans (on Alien8) fills the stage with gear too and throws in some seemingly word-free vocals and more guitar, I think I see a laptop back there too. Energy and, yes, even charisma = a lot. Ears fully saturated with sound now, I hang out while Dreamcatcher sets up and sets up and makes some check-checking keyboard-barf noises before getting into some deep analogue beats and screams and squelches. This is music that makes me want to hang out with a drum machine plugged directly into my veins. For hours. (More info at Mandatory Moustache.)

(A note re: headgear: While I saw 2 trucker hats at Divan Orange, they had both been altered to the point of artistic non-irony. One of the hats involved an anagram, or possibly the band Anagram. I don't know what this means for the world of hipsterness. Again, several baseball caps and a smattering of toques (5 degrees out, Autumn man.) And the pseudo-beret which tonight was actually a CAP, Irish style, let's say, and appeared at all shows in grey, blue and black forms.)

Okay okay, so everyone packs all their electrogear up but it's only 10pm! So up to Casa I go for the Unireverse show (No Type Records), which isn't all that much like (the Mixel Pixel sideproject) The Eastern Stars who go on before them. What? Acoutic guitar and violin? Melody and harmonizing vocals? My ears are unprepared but I do enjoy this distinct absence of loud and am also happy to see that the night's level of good-lookin' is sustained at well above average. The Unireverse's set-up includes stacks of keyboards/synthesizers/other things (Moogs included, of course) and a stretch of white gauze curtain hung across the stage. Visuals! Visuals of previous Unireverse shows! And, later, Tr0n! The show doesn't really stop, rises and falls while changing tones (and synced-up visuals as bonus) and at the end gets downright danceable. My friend in noise mentions fractals and I don't even have to say What?! This show too makes sense in that fractal way - they even do a Beatles cover. It's like drifting around in amped-up circuits of awesome.

So can I take more? Yes! Banditas! They are great and they are loud, with many amps and mic-ed amps and two guitars and some drums and Liz McDermott screaming in this way that makes you love life even if your eyes are stinging with all the late-night cigarette smoke (burning eyes! rocked-out ears!) I'm told Ottawa has a solid loudness scene, of which Banditas are no small part.
They reminded me of early-90s homemade rock, which means they are inherently punk, and they practice, but are in no way stuck in any rock era: they're totally here, not boring, not repetitive and pretty obviously loving what do (they smiled at each other throughout the whole first song, c'mon.) They're so with it that they've got a new album out on Last Drag Records, featuring songs titles like "Fighting Girl", "When I'm Screaming" and "Tubular Balls".

I'm going to see all these bands again and again until I learn my earplug lesson (which is: just fucking wear them already (or suffer silently.))



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