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Five Stupid Questions: Jonathan Cummins

Posted by John / September 30, 2005

Jonathan Cummins, who shrieks and noodles for local rock band Bionic, also writes a column for the Mirror, produces records, thinks of the best band names ever (e.g., the Sandwiches), tries to sing along with Rush songs, and likes to cuddle. No he doesn't. Bionic played Wednesday, and Cummins is slated to DJ at various venues all weekend.

Do I sound fat in these pants?
Yes. (Delivered with a fatigued, disinterested sigh.)

Besides free bird, what's the stupidest thing anyone has ever yelled from the crowd?

Get a haircut.

Where are you sleeping the night of your show?
At home, hopefully. But I think I'm supposed to be DJing afterwards.

What other shows are you planning to see?
I'm most excited about Billy Childish. I also want to see the Dirtbombs and Black Mountain, but I'm also supposed to be DJing. So I'm going to have to cab it.

How much money would it take for you to sell out? Is anyone buying?
One month's rent. And no, absolutely not.

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