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It's a Party and I Have a Freakin Day Job

Posted by Drew / September 29, 2005

Green Room

No.1, Winterhands, No Luck Club

Damage control was in the program but not at the show--misprint? Not sure. Things got going at 11:00, with Vancouver's No. 1 who is everything they say: smart, intelligent, bright, acute brainy, knowledgeable hip-hop rhymes backed by, you know, beats. This kid's got presence, for sure, and his friend Ben did this cool, cool projection show which made the stage a fun filled feast for the eyes. Good, clean entertainment that started of the evening in a classy manner, maybe too classy for my druthers. Word has it that No. 1 is now living in Montreal. You get the feeling that he is going to be the opening act for, like, 423 shows in the coming year.

Then came Woodhands. Remember that movie School of Rock? Remember the little guy who played the keyboard and worried he was not cool enough to rock? Imagine a sequel that followed the school of rock band into young adulthood and then they all got in a big fight over artistic differences and all that jazz, and then the little keyboardist struck out on his own and formed a band where he would get to be the lead and then he just spent the rest of the movie going all jammer-mad on his keyboards, and then he meets this chick who sings with him but he is sort of too hung up on his keyboard to notice she has a mad-crush on him... well, yeah, Woodhands is sort of like that.

1am. No Luck Club starts. Dancing ensues. I leave to get my 5 hours of sleep, hating my over-funded student friends more than I ever have in my life.

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