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Go Ahead, MEG My Day

Posted by Robyn / October 20, 2005

Oh, jesus, that title was too much for me to resist. I mean, at least I didn't say Night. I hope you're still with me because: The MEG Festival is a Place to Be this weekend, and also a Place to Groove. Yeah, people still do that, groove, we're bringing it back. The festival, now in its 7th year, encourages musical relations (nudge nudge) between North America and Europe - this year they're bringing over a lot of Germans. I think it must have something to do with World Cup. (omg, WORLD CUP 2006!!! so. soon.) Also, Germans know what to do when it comes to electronic music, who are we kidding: tech, click, glitch? Those are German words.

The most German-centric show is Friday night - a co-production with the German General Consulate of Montreal no less - with techy-glitchy-housey Superpitcher headlining. I've been told not to miss (Canadian) Jesse Somfay's set, which starts at, ooh, 9. But what would a Montreal music festival be without more than one good show going on at the same time? There's nothing like having to make a tough choice to make you feel Alive. So, also on Friday night there's local Ghislain Poirer, Omnikrom, and headliner Brazil's DJ Marlboro. AND in a weird shift, MEG also presents Broken Social Scene, Islands and, wait, what? Jad Fair? Yes. So I guess that's all pretty different.

But MEG is more than that Friday night decision fest. MEG knows that some people are just plain freeloaders, so they're acknowledging that with a few "pay-what-you-can" shows of (mostly) Canadian artists. In the last few years these shows have been really good! They're at the SAT and all start in the early evening - see the website for details. Tonight (Thurs) features Call Me Poupee (6pm), followed by Duchess Says at 7 - DS are awesome. After that at the SAT is the Adult and Optimo show, also featuring Euro-types PMSister Iodine (France) and Der Plan (Germany!).

Saturday, because you are still Alive with choice-making ability, there's more pay-what-you-can stuff starting at 4pm, featuring the likes of Sixtoo and P-Love among others. But later, oh, what to do, what to do... You can stay at the SAT for Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, Puppetmastaz, and Skratch Bastid or go over to Metropolis where, sadly, Bertrand Burgalat is no longer on the schedule, but has been well replaced by France's RINÔÇÉRÔSE and local make-you-dance-now-you-batards TIGA. There's also an All-French-All-the-Time lineup at the Savoy du Metropolis: Pedro Winter, Justice and DJ Ai. And for good ol' Canadian action, there's the great Richie Hawtin plus Marc Houle and Ernesto at Station C. So, yeah, you gotta ask yourself What kind of sound am I looking for? How do I feel? Do I feel lucky? And if you can't answer that, there's an out: get a $70 festival pass and hop between (very close-by) venues.

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