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Oh, Rock My Heart, Shake My Ass

Posted by Robyn / October 2, 2005

The Dirtbombs, Deadly Snakes, Sunday Sinners at Cabaret
Friday Sept 30, 2005

Okay, I was hyped for this show, as most people in the audience seemed to be. Mick Collins! RocknRollnSoulnAwesome! The great thing was most people weren't just hyped for The Dirtbombs, they were hyped for the opening two bands as well: Sunday Sinners and Deadly Snakes! Yeah, I got a warm and fuzzy locals-love-each-other feeling at a rock show, sue me. In a nutshell: All three bands maintained high-rock energy with some real soul, and the place was packed until The Dirtbombs finished their encore with a frenzied drum explosion that finished with the two drummers standing atop their kits while the audience applauded and whooped (yeah, I thought it was kinda weird too. But hey, they be crrrazy.)

Sunday Sinners may have gotten on stage pretty late, and they may have started off a little nervous, but damn, they made up for it. Four awfully cute and talented women and one (also talented and cute) guy who know their way around not just rock, but country, pop, and soul. Every song was something slightly different, sometimes jangly guitar-based, sometimes all about the lead singer's full versatile voice (yes, there's soul here, people, soul.) I guess their aptly named album, "Sympathetic Sounds of Montreal" speaks to this versitality too. The audience ass shaking began about half-way through their set, which I was glad for because The Dirtbombs demand ass shaking and I had to get some practice time in.

But then practice turned to pro when Deadly Snakes launched into some impressive stuff right-fucking-away. As they took the stage, my friend in rock yelled in my ear: "Whoa, these guys are big, they better be loud!" Well, of course they were, of course they were. Another blend of styles, from (good, bluesy) country to straightforward rawk-you-out-with-the-bleeding-ears-heartbeat-synced-with-drums rock. These guys are cool, but not that annoying arms-crossed cool but more like they throw a good party that you'll probably puke your guts out at and then tell everyone you really looove them, really, and if you chose to stay home and watch downloaded movies, well, man, too bad. They've even got a new album out.

Before moving on to the inevitable part where I talk about the obvious greatness of The Dirtbombs, a note about the lights: I haven't been to Cabaret in a while, but I think they added about 55748493 more lights and light effects to their stage. It was all Eat That, Le Nouveau Club Soda! A little crazy in their stadium-show spectacle, but totally impressive. Especially because they made Mick Collins seriously look (rock)god-like (as if he needs the help.) What can I say? The Dirtbombs were in form, rocking it like it should be rocked. Oh, The Dirtbombs, thank you for being the ass-shaking joy of my heart.

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