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One good band, a million bad headlines

Posted by John / October 17, 2005

bandpic.jpgSome social circles have been riffing on the weird phenomenon of multiple bands having "wolf" in their name for months, if not years, but "Wolf Parade" is still a novelty if you work at a newspaper or weekly, and the potential for bad puns or meaningless references is thus high. With hype hitting silly levels, there's lots to read about the band--most of which regurgitates the same basic points (four guys from Victoria, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, and something about how they're volatile because they trashed a room in a cruise ship).

There's some good stuff out there, however, which, if you'd like to accelerate the inevitable overkill, or if you're among Montreal's uninitiated, are worth a read. The most revealing story so far is probably T'Cha Dunlevy's piece in the Gazette (the headline a not-unclever Wolf At The Door), which puts an end to the repeated assertion that Isaac Brock was the band's sonic saviour and tells the true story of the album's post-Brock deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction by local producer Jace Lasek. Michael Barclay ably digs under the surface in Exclaim! (terrible title: Hungry Like The Wolf Parade) in an article that explores the members' Victoria days, among other things. In Toronto's Now (bad title: Crying Wolf), keyboard guy Spencer Krug disagrees with the apparently-generally-accepted notion that their new record doesn't sound as good as their older demos, while Eye tells us nothing very new in an article that may include the lamest lead ever written in the history of the world. Good Canadian music blog site Coke Machine Glow has a good two-part (one and two) interview with Krug, which, in its two-part-ness, reminds of a conversation I had with someone once who said the ultimate Wolf Parade story would feature interviews with both Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug using the same set of questions, capturing (ideally) the tension that makes the band so interesting.

Those without tickets to this sold-out show who are uninterested in standing outside the remote venue (the St-Hubert plaza is the new Mile End--you read it here first) and accosting people for extra tickets do have some respite. The BellRays are also playing Tuesday night (La Sala Rossa), and the rock n' soul outfit is probably actually a better live act than Wolf Parade, though not as musically adventurous, and without the next-big-thing hype. The local openers, Comme Un Homme Libre, are better than good, too.

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