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Party, Die, Party More, Fall in Love

Posted by Robyn / October 2, 2005

You Say Party! We Say Die! (at Missy Bar)
Geronimo, North of America, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (at Sala Rossa)
Saturday Oct 1, 2005

Day 4 (for me) of Pop Montreal and I was getting tired. Granted, I'm a busy chick, but still, how could I be tired after so many great shows three nights in a row?! I get overwhelmed; I'm sensitive; I need my smelling salts and a fainting couch. But after a good faint, I decided the best medicine was a dose of West Coast fun in the form of You Say Party! We Say Die!

I'd only heard a little about this group of pretty young things from Abbotsford, B.C. (B.C. whoo! yeah!) but they surpassed any expectations I had. I love them and want them to stay at my place next time they're here! (Though I will need to move to a bigger place to accomodate all six of them, but I think it might be worth it.) They're like a pop-punk army and their singer is a smiling general is a shiny red dress. Yes, they actually got people to move up close to the stage and, gasp, dance. And even when the canned music came on after their last song (in a too-short set), people shouted for more, so they launced into "a song we usually only do back home" and, honestly, it began with "Okay, you say...?!" "PARTY!" we say. "And I say...?!" "DIE!" repeated several times and followed by some crashing guitar, drum and keyboard action. Next time they're here, everyone must go and everyone must dancerock party! And holy crap it's true, you can look at them and their new album online.

Whew, so, my spirits totally elevated, I got over to Sala Rossa in time to just miss Geronimo from Regina. Can't win 'em all, but the recap was that they were good and definitely created more than a few fans through their performance. So up comes North of America - with a band name that is so simple yet so cool sounding, I'm so grateful they don't let it go to waste, doing this thing that was a bit Fugazi meets Guided by Voices meets on-the-edge-of-emo-a-la-Rainer-Maria. ILIKEDMOSTOFITALOT. And a whole bunch of crazy East Coasters did the right thing by dancing and whooping up front. The middle of the country is fine and dandy, lots of hottness and talent, I'm not here to make enemies, but the coasts, well, the coasts definitely have a higher percentage of crazy fun people who like to rock out and dance all the time. They too have a new (well, repressed) album! (That site took time to find. Please stop trying to hide from the Internet, North of America; we will find you.)

Okay! How long have I been meaning to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists? Years? Three years? Sad. Even sadder because I just realized last night that I am IN LOVE with Ted Leo. His music taps into my indie-rock youth without making me feel ickily nostalgic or, maybe worse, old. And he's funny and good lookin' too. Why did it take so long for me to get into Ted Leo? The universe is full of mysteries. But I'm an instant convert. That tells you what kind of show it was: so much energy and love for the music and, yes, the audience. I mean, he called us "polite"! And that's when people yelled "Fuck you, Ted Leo!", which was the right thing to do, considering. That's love. Ted Leo has made a lot of albums and I probably need them all.

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