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South Ontario Is My Boyfriend

Posted by Drew / October 1, 2005

Pop Montreal, Green Room, Sept. 30

The Show: Germans, Ohbijou, We're Marching On

The Crowd: The Population of Southern Ontario

The look: Low-rise trousers with cute big underwear artfully pulled up over the waistband, for both men and women.

The Surprise: Ohbijou, tiny women with a lush and pretty pop sound that will give you a crush.

Highlights: So many. Late-night appearance by The Acorns. One of the most organized and rhythmically astute crowd sing-alongs ever. No doubt, We're Marching On is a band to watch out for. High-energy rocky-poppy that put this audience into mass delerium, accopmanied by much hand-clapping with unashamed disco abandon.

Lowlights: The aforementioned hand-clapping with disco abandon.

Other Cities: Toronto