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Stuff To Do

Posted by MP / October 14, 2005

Hi, and welcome to MP's suggestions for ways to spend your money and time this weekend.

Friday: Harris Newman, who plays at Casa Del Popolo, might be the most under-rated (or under-known) guitarist in the city. Our Australian friends tell us that the Cat Empire (at Café Campus -- which hosts inexplicably popular weekend dance parties, which means this will be an early show) are pretty huge down under. They also say Foster's is a crappy beer and that we've all been misled.

Saturday: The Adam Brown fundraiser show goes down at La Sala Rossa. Expect good indie rock and lengthy rants about how stealing bands' gear sucks. OK, well, expect rock, anyway. Also: Danzig plays at Le Medley with a bunch of metal bands, including that guy who had plastic surgery to look more like a goblin or something.

Sunday: If you have a ticket for Death Cab For Cutie, who some suggest might be one of the best bands in the world (which we would probably dispute, if pressed), go see them. Otherwise, since it's sold out, you'll have to watch TV, where you'll hear their songs during commercials for various things. Or else go see K Records soul-punk fellas Old Time Relijun play Casa with Toronto's always improving Creeping Nobodies and locals Panopticon Eyelid, who totally stole their name from either Foucault or on-permanent-hiatus Montreal band the Panopticons (who did steal their name from Foucault).

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