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The Decemberists Killed My Buzz

Posted by Drew / October 14, 2005

Oct. 12, Club Soda

The hedonistic pop buzz we've all been riding out sort of crashed and burned the other night at Club Soda, as the annoyingly precious and mannered The Decemberists crossed some sort of line, and we all went running out in search of The Kills, or some disolullute rock mix to kill of the feeling of pop-self-indulgence, an excessive amount of time spent with too many overeducated-whitebread-dandy-theatre-kids-schtick that we all thought was a good thing until, well--until we decided that this whole unfuckable pop star thing is getting sort of tired, and that it is a bad idea to see a band who you do not in even the vaguest way want to go to bed with (not that you would, it's the spirit of the thing), and that one can get away with pretty much anything as long as it is somewhat sexy, which spending half an hour organizing a moronic three part crowd sing-along is not.

Whining about your own sound is totally un-sexy, too.

You know?

The Decemberists are so college girlfriend. In a flattering setting they seem intelligent and funny, but out of context they suddenly seem pedantic, and sort of uptight and bossy and not interesting. And after college, you will completely forget about them for the rest of your life.

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