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Posted by John / October 20, 2005

Once again, so much to do, so much to read. The Fembots, Tangiers, the Deadly Snakes, the MEG festival are all landing in our ample laps this weekend.

But first: reading, and, first first, something that has nothing to do with music--Montreal's favourite water-cooler topic: elder jocks anally assaulting rookie jocks. As MP's own Mog reported yesterday, McGill's delayed and lame response to its football team's hazing practices, and those practices themselves, are hardly surprising. The Gazette's editorial is oddly wishy-washy (who got to you, editorial board?), but sports columnist Jack Todd shines with a damning criticism of the school's response. Which he may have cribbed from Mog.

You might also want to take a peek at this week's Mirror, where for once the self-indulgence is deserved. Their 20th anniversary issue is fantastic, and will either make you feel old or young, depending on how many people you recognize in their profiles. Highlights include interviews with theatrical ska-party legends Me Mom & Morgentaler, the Doughboys' John Kastner and a hilarious interview with François Gourd, one of the founders of Foufounes Electriques.

Tired of reading? Start by going to see the Fembots tonight at Sala Rossa. They've dragged an actual band (including Weakerthan Jason Tait and ex-Sadie Paul Aucoin) with them to perform stuff from their excellent new album, The City, and their evolution from tape-loop weirdos with good songs to weirdos with good songs has never been more apparent. I've got it on good authority that Krista Muir, aka Lederhosen Lucil, will join the band for a song.

Friday night, the Deadly Snakes and Tangiers play Main Hall. The Deadly Snakes' greatness is no longer really a secret, but you can still pretend to be cool by liking Tangiers before a lot of people - though many critics will have beaten you to it.

Dang - gotta go to work. I'll add more later. Readers (all 12 of you) - be patient! Oh, but first, also enjoy Carl Wilson's latest post. It's fun.

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