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Play It As It Relays

Posted by Robyn / November 16, 2005

It's funny that I spent a substantial part of Saturday afternoon rehydrating and watching old episodes of Dr. Who, because The Unireverse, while quite unlike a hangover, does remind me of space-time travel and the half-crazed Tom Baker Doctor. Okay okay, so pair that with "real instruments," as I've heard them called, and whatever you think of post-rock jammin' and you've got November 12's LABproject show at the oddly cosy O Patro Vys.

I liked it; it was good. I really really like The Unireverse though, so their mini-set between, er, sets, kind of made my night. During the other two sets, it was cool to see how a group of guys with keyboards i mean moogs/synthesizers/drum-machines played with a group of guys (note: they really were all guys, I'm not just using this as a catch-all term - it's a sex term - but of course they're not just "guys," they're musicians: Jaime Thompson (Islands, Unicorns) - drums, Andrew King (Dr. Noh) - trumpet, Matt Lederman - guitar, Peter X - bass) who looked like they probably slept with their instruments quite close to their beds. I mean that in a nice way, in a these-guys-are-TALENTED way. I like you guys too and how totally into the music everyone was. Not a lot of audience interaction, but who's really expecting that from a "collaborative" night of music? (I refuse to use the word "jam" again, okay.) It's a nice kind of (non-creepy) voyeurism.

Moondata Productions' LABprojects doesn't use the word jam either, wisely. It's a "collaborative-based, open-minded approach to creating music" that invites artists to "participate in a live improvised concert." Hey, and it happens every month in a different way! (Next show is Jan 14, featuring People For Audio.) And sometimes there are visuals! The visuals on this show - by Ladyroll & Jocool - kind of rounded everything out, followed the music well (a difficult job, I'm thinkin'), and just plain entertained. (How does footage from "2001" never get old? I love it so much I'm basing all future long-term-relationship ideas on that "2001-feeling.")

But enough about what I like or don't like and blah blah ner. What's Important now is that The Unireverse is playing twice this week: tonight (16th at 8pm) at Friendship Cove (215a Murray St, corner of Ottawa - near Lucien L'allier metro) with Shalabi Effect and Dreamcatcher! And on Friday (18th at 8:30pm) at Main Hall with Holy Fuck and Land of Talk!

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