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Weekend-O-Rama: Opera at the Bar

Posted by MP / December 8, 2005

mu_liederwolfe_1949.jpgLiederwolfe's Lindsay Michael mixing solfege with a pint.
Montreal's Liederwolfe are bringing a little Opera 101 to the masses this Sunday at le Divan Orange. You don't have to worry about not being seated if you arrive late after the intermission, it's not the Teatro alla Scala, it's just some bar on the main. You are allowed to talk, buy a beer, you can even yack on the cell. Liederwolfe is gonna hang the DJ with the likes of Poulenc, Britten, Wolfe and Turina. They're going to rock the house with six singers and four pianists. Best of all, this show is FREE. That's this Sunday at 9PM. Le Divan Orange, 4234 St. Laurent.

Warning: Weekend-O-Rama does not pretend to be the definitive party guide. I promise to only send you to places I would go myself. I would never lead you astray. Every week I promise to trudge through the entertainment papers, the mailing lists, the online posts. I'll do all the dirty work for you.
This Friday at Zoobizarre it's a big ass sweaty dance party with DJ's Sons of Warsaw.
De la Pologne à la Plaza St-Hubert, les Sons of Warsaw répandent leur pas de danse et leur musique sans merci. Préparer vous à être atteint du syndrome du frotteur. http://www.myspace.com/sonsofwarsaw Frottage is French for hump, eh. So it's like a one of those junior high school basement makeout parties. Zoobizarre, 6388 St-Hubert - Montreal (corner of Beaubien and St-Hubert).
Also this Friday, Kiss Me Deadly is a Mickey Spillane book made into a 1955 film noir by director Robert Aldrich. It's full of the bleak, fatalistic archetypes of film noir; every face striped with the hard-edged shadows of moon-obscuring Venetian blinds. Kiss Me Deadly is also a band, a Montreal band. They play beat-heavy post-rock.http://www.kmdband.com Catch them at la Salla Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent.
Saturday Mandatory Moustache presents, The Adam Brown. Writers at Midnight Poutine had loads of good things to say about them after Pop Montreal, so I reckon they can't be half-bad. http://www.mandatorymoustache.comThat's at the Friendship Cove with Dorian Hatchet and Harmony Trowbridge, 9PM, $6. Friendship Cove 933-5518, friendshipcove@hotmail.com. Friendship Cove is the new semi-secret meeting space from the people who brought you the Electric Tractor. 215a Murray Street. 933-5518, friendshipcove@hotmail.com. http://www.myspace.com/friendshipcove
More weekend highlights include People for Audio at Toc Toc, on Avenue du Parc, just before Van Horne, this Saturday at 9PM. $5. http://www.peopleforaudio.com And a Massive Montreal metal Massacre Fest. It's a headbanger ball with Razor, Piledriver, Anvil, Exciter, DBC, Agression and Lying Truth. All this heavy metal for $35 bucks, at the Spectrum, hold me back.
Tune in next week for another episode of Weekend-O-Rama.

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