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Review: Moufette, <i>Chew Your Heart</i>

Posted by MP / January 11, 2006

moufette.jpg(This entry by Anna Phelan)

Breaking up and getting back together is maybe the best thing that could've happened to Steve Durand and Ariel Engle, who make up—i.e.: kiss and make up—Moufette. And their resulting, self-described "couplecore" manifesto, Chew Your Heart, is one of the best things to happen to the Montreal music scene in just as long.

The title track (and first single) is a dreamy, dirge-y, balladic duet layered over darkly hypnotic beats and a macabre bass line. It's like what should've happened to trip-hop in the 90's, but didn't. It's also frighteningly catchy and guaranteed to get stuck in your head (hopefully then replacing all the bad memories of that decade you wish you could forget).

While we're at it, there are numerous 90's jewels that twinkle on and off throughout the album. (Don't hate me for doing this), but I swear I can hear subtle karats of Flaming Lips, Elliot Smith, Low, Yo La Tengo, and even Ween (amongst others) over the course of the 10 tracks.

Make no mistake, though, Moufette's sound ain't your "oh-please" 90's histrionic revival. The eclecticism of this collection of songs should be proof enough of that. Instead, expect a delightful and playful 'moving-forward' album, which alludes to the pioneering aural stylings of said forebears, without the heavy-handed earnestness of those sometimes self-righteous 90's provocateurs.

If nothing else, Moufette distinguishes itself by Engle's fabulously jarring and profoundly absurd lyrics. Of course, it doesn't hurt that her voice is unquestionably sweet enough to coax honey from a bee.

For his part, Durand (formerly of Tinker and currently of Auf Der Maur) strikes a perfect balance between his natural predisposition toward acoustic melodies and this album's clever re-invention of those sounds through electric production.

The combined result should make your mouth water; musical masticators will definitely want to chew on this.

Moufette performs with Martha Wainwright and guest, tonight, Wednesday, January 11, at the Spectrum, at 8 PM.



Mike / April 15, 2006 at 11:31 pm
Hey, good job you guys. I am a fan, I heard your track "Chew Your Heart" on the show Station X, and I had to have more, keep it going you two
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