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Celebrity-free Weekend Picks

Posted by John / February 16, 2006

gogol.gifThis week, forget about celebrities and their hypothetical weekend plans. Sure, celebrities do so much for the world, and are deserving of endless praise and our unrelenting love, but, for the sake of contrast -- to make those times when they are praised and loved that much more meaningful -- we shall say no more about them here today. Probably.

It's looking like a pretty good weekend, nightlife-wise, although the wacky weather for a new millenium (TM) will conspire to make outdoor journeys slightly less tolerable. But fuck the weather. Fuck celebrities and fuck the weather. I mean that in a non-sexual sense, at least with respect to celebrities.

This evening (Thursday), Gogol Bordello will play the Théâtre Nationale, across from the Beaudry metro. They're a NY-based gypsy punk outfit, apparently, and I recall Pop Montreal svengali Dan Seligman telling me last year at SXSW in Austin that they were one of the best things he saw. Seligman's beard makes him seem untrustworthy, and the way he dances makes some question his musical taste, but he's usually pretty dead-on, and not all that generous with praise. So, I choose to trust him. After the show, the band's lead singer, Eugene Hutz, will DJ an afterparty at Lambi, the new club above Orage on St. Laurent near Mont-Royal.

Friday, Malajube, the much-hyped local pop-punk act, are among a handful of local acts playing the CISM 15th anniversary show, an event for which one of the ugliest posters in the history of art has been created. The show is at Cepsum, U de M's acoustically-terrible sports complex. The headliner is les Cowboys Frigants. And speaking of bad radio-friendly rock acts, Nickelback play the Bell Centre this same evening. I saw them in 2003 at the same venue, courtesy of my friend Jordan Zivitz, who was reviewing the show for the Gazette and knew all about my disdain for this band. They were bad then and I expect they'll be just as bad this time. Rock! Yeeeeahh!

If your apartment burns down, does it make your band better? This is a question scientists are not often able to investigate. On Saturday, however, the appropriately-named and recently-homeless Chris Burns will play Casa del Popolo with his great punk act Crackpot. Tam and the Vampires open. Also, down the street at Divan Orange, the Sunday Sinners will continue their rock n' soul revolution. the last time I saw them, they still needed to work on their on-stage charisma, but they've got hooks aplenty and Jenna (dang, forgot her last name) could sing the paint off a car. Is that a compliment? It's supposed to be. Finally, Stomp Records celebrates their 45th anniversary at Club Soda with Subb and other ska/punk acts.

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