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Posted by MP / April 7, 2006

nsb.jpgA month ago, we were like "Spring is here because look at all the bands turning up now that it isn't cold anymore." Now, though, we realize that it was still winter then. Now, we think it is safe to assume, it is in fact spring. And the choices are endless. Well almost.

Tonight (Friday -- we're a bit late with this, and we apologize to anyone who might have seen Julie Doiron last night if they'd been advised to go, because it was probably really good, wow, this is a very long parenthetical aside, so i'll remind you that the word prior to the opening parenthesis was Tonight), the show all the cool kids are going to, whether they like or understand the music or not, is the Nihilist Spasm Band, a group of old dudes from London, Ont., (and maybe one young dude) who invent their own instruments and play them badly - although, who's to say but those who created the thing - but with much passion. They're huge in Japan, for real. Opening is Aids Wolf, who we speculate have a similar fan base, and CPC Gangbangs, who we also like.

Possibly the most devotedly promoted show in, well, ever, the Genders gig at Main Hall better be good to justify the thousands of flyers distributed around the city. Also, Beth Orton plays Club Soda.

On Saturday, the Lesbians on Ecstacy and Dandi Wind play Club Soda, while They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, The Creeping Nobodies and Telefauna play le Divan Orange, creating a potentially difficult decision for all indie rock afficionados who are also lesbians. Some band called the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have sold out Metropolis.

The New Amsterdams play Sunday night at Le National, and we really hope their name isn't a reference to the Counting Crows' Mr. Jones, but we don't know.

Monday is yet another busy night, with the band who I'm not allowed to say sounds like Talking Heads because it offends Talking Heads fans, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, playing La Tulipe with the Brunettes - it's sold out. OK, maybe Monday's not that busy, unless you like UB40, who play Metropolis.

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