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SLC: Where's the Big Love?

Posted by Sara / April 27, 2006

It's day five here, Constant Reader, and I have yet to see a single polygamist in his or her Mormon underwear. Sigh.

Nonetheless, it's satisfyingly weird in the saltiest, lakiest city in Utah. For one thing, it's disturbingly clean. And people are nice. Not customer-service-nice. Like, Stepford-nice. The sidewalks have baskets of little orange flags for you to hold as you cross the street. Cars actually stop when you do this.

Of course, this flavour of "niceness" comes with a healthy side order of uptightness. Yesterday I witnessed a woman about my age chewing out some dude passing by for swearing. Fearing for my safety from her righteous acts on behalf of the Lord (I'm a compulsive cusser), I ducked into Curry in a Hurry.

Holy hell, this place fuckin RULES. They make veggie wraps with naan bread filled with like four goddamn types of curry. Shit yeah.

Full of protein, I decided to tackle Ensign Peak, a nearby mountain with spectacular views of the city, lake, salt flats and reeking chemical valley below. It's a fairly gentle climb, although a combination of the altitude and my case of black lung had me huffing and puffing after a while.

As I reached the summit, as if on cue, two eagles soared up the face of the hill and over my head. I'm not making this up. America loves me that much. Consult the blurry enlargement of what may or not be a bird below if you dare doubt it.


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