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Besnard Lakes at Sala Rossa 5/21

Posted by MP / May 25, 2006


MP special correspondant/photographer Shane Watt writes (updated!):

The evening started with a band I hadn't heard before called Trailer. I missed about half their set but what I saw of them I thought was pretty good. The songs reminded me a bit of Wilco. They didn't really manage to hold my attention, however. Perhaps I was tired, but by the end of their set I couldn't help but start to feel a little bit bored.

I hadn't seen the Besnard Lakes since SXSW in 2005, but had become a fan of them then so I was quite looking forward to the show.

More (+ more photos) after the jump.

They've since added a few new members and for this show they brought in a choir for a couple of the tunes as well as some violins and a horn player. The show was great from beginning to end -- I could really see the time and hard work the band has put into perfecting the songs since I last saw them. I was amazed at the sheer size of their sound now as well -- even the tunes without the extra instrumentation sound immense. The set pretty much flowed along seamlessly, with an amazing sense of dynamics that really kept their performance interesting.

The highlight for me had to be a great rendition of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac with the help of the choir. It was a great way to end a brilliant set. At any rate this was a great show, without a doubt my favorite so far this year and I look forward to seeing them much sooner than I did the last time.





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