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Mad Caddies Q&A

Posted by John / May 19, 2006

mc02-large.jpgSascha Lazor, guitarist for California ska punk band the Mad Caddies, answers some of our dumb questions. They play at the Spectrum this Saturday night.

Where do you live?

Just moved from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

Which band member spends the most time brushing his teeth?
Ed, our trombone player. He is the neatest band member.

In your hometown (i.e., where you live, not where you were born), what is the most common late-night food to eat when you are totally trashed?

Cans of beans, spinach, carrots, bread. I'm not a regular eater.

Would you ever make this food in your own kitchen?
All the time. The older I get the more I love to cook.

C'mon, why not?

You were supposed to record in April. Did it happen? What's the status of the new record?

We have recorded 13 songs but that's only half. We are doing the other 12 or so in September. We are really working hard on this one.

The Internet has changed the music biz considerably since "the good old days" (like, when Duck and Cover came out). How has it effected you? How have you responded (besides by getting older and fatter)?
It has hit everyone's pocket. But there's no sense in being upset. It will always be around. I personally love it. I have no problem buying music or getting it for free. I'm a music junkie and I will do anything to get it.

Modified desert island question: If you were stuck on a desert island and had a five-disc carousel that played DVDs and CDs (and let's assume that for some reason there's an electrical outlet on the island, and a TV), which five discs (that is, movies, albums, TV shows, or other digital media in disc format) would you want to have?
Sizzla: Tha Real Thing
Mano Negra: Out of Time dvd
Manu Chao: Clandestino
Andrew Bird: Thrills
Bob Marley: All of 'em

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