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The end of the week (what you should do)

Posted by John / May 18, 2006

mattmays.jpgIn light of a recent exchange I had with someone unhappy with my classification of their fans as "annoying" in a previous weekend pick post, let me note that these are often written with tongue so far into cheek that the cheek bulges out kind of obscenely, as though there's a really large wad of gum or something in it -- maybe an entire package of Big-League Chew, for example. If you're at all thin-skinned, therefore, I suggest you go to for your weekend picks.

Also: all people in all bands: most of your fans are annoying. Especially the ones who stand in front of me and then start moving laterally to the music, such that I have to also move every few seconds to see around their enormous head. As Sloan once sang: "It's not the band I hate, it's their fans/Three cans."

Anyway, tonight (Thursday) East-Coasters Matt Mays and El Torpedo play Sala Rossa. Matt Mays et al. bagged band of the year at the ECMAs for their retro-ish rock, and they're playing with Wintersleep, one of local music nut Dounia Mikou's favourite acts. Forget about trusting me - trust Dounia. Tonight also marks the opening night of the inaugural Montreal Sketchfest, a celebration of sketch comedy developed in response to Montreal's glaring lack of festivals. For all tickets to shows, call Theatre Ste Catherine at 514-284-3939. Reserving is easy. It's also recommended.

Architecture in Helsinki play Sala on Friday. They are, I'm told, good. Although, probably not as funny as Knock Knock Who's There Comedy, one of the many acts in town for Sketchfest, KKWT are going places (I.e., they are very funny), and perform with three other acts at Theatre Ste. Catherine starting at 9:30 pm.

Saturday forces you to choose between B.C.'s Frog Eyes with Wolf Parade offshoot Sunset Rubdown (whose Spencer Krug is a former and once again Frog Eyes member) at Centro Gallego (a last-minute venue, discovered at 4602 St-Laurent) and the return of Islands, with Busdriver and Cadence Weapon, at Le National. You could also get back to your pop-punk/ska-punk roots and see the Grind Tour, featuring the (I stand by this) always entertaining Mad Caddies and a bunch of other bands with an audience of stoned teens in t-shirts and skate shoes (apologies to our stoned-teen readership if you feel stereotyped). SoCalled also plays with a bunch of DJs at Centre Fractal, 7240 Clark.

Here's what you should do Sunday: Go see Leiderwolfe, who are devoted to bringing opera to the unwashed masses (or, maybe, well-scrubbed but deliberately-unwashed-looking Plateau and Mile End types) and will sing early at le Divan Orange. Then, hurry up to Sala, where the Besnard Lakes launch their new album of rocking pet-like sounds. If you know what I mean. Actually, I haven't heard it yet, so I'm going on hearsay.

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