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These (Frog) Eyes of Mine

Posted by MP / May 31, 2006

Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown (The reprise) (May 27/06, Friendship Cove, Mtl)

I’ll be honest: I couldn’t see a bloody thing during Sunset Rubdown’s set. Granted, I was fashionably late, à la montréalaise, but by the time I arrived at Friendship Cove (the beloved satellite venue, with the Jackson Pollock floors), the fans were dèja crammed into every nook and cranny all the way back to the cove’s entrance. Maybe it was the $13 cab ride or the wave of humid claustrophobic breath that greeted me, but my first thought upon arrival was, ‘I’m getting too old for this.’ My oversized chi-chi grown-up purse is provoking dirty looks from the sweaty revelers it’s banging into; I’m gripping a latté instead of a beer--this is it: I’ve become a bona fide member of the loathsome petit (or petty) bourgeois. I’m disgusted with myself for this realization.

Thankfully, after we’d all been rubbed down with (sunset) sweat and grime, the crowd suddenly parted like the mythic waters in Egypt and I was able to squeeze myself all the way up to stage right, nicely positioning myself on a riser that not only gave me a superb view of the headlining band, but was also privy to the one tiny breeze periodically worming its way in through a crack in a door leading outside.

Frog Eyes was absolutely fucking brilliant. I would even say transcendental, since they succeeded in getting me to drop my purse and my environmentally-unfriendly coffee cup and dance and sweat till my hair was dripping through my mascara and my armpits were nowhere near lady-like.

It was the apocalypse. It was hot as hell, the kind of heat that makes you yawn, in a darkness that grew darker after a fuse blew (and the subsequent fumbling to re-ignite). And it was smoky from all the kids milking their last week of state-sanctioned smoking. And frenetic front man, Carey Mercer, talked about eagles and evil. And it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And finally, among friends, I abandoned myself to a rebirth, through sweat, through beauty, through noise, into the reckless young’un I truly am. Thank Christ. Or thank Frog Eyes.



drew / June 1, 2006 at 08:59 am
You have made me wish that I had been there--nicely done.
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