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A Montrealer Apologizes to Pink Mountaintops

Posted by Trixie / June 13, 2006

pink_m_jam1.jpgShame on you Montreal! Pink Mountaintops plays its collective big ole heart out at La Sala Rossa, and we clap politely and leave it at that. They are rocking full-tilt, creating good vibes all around, and we allow them to just leave the stage with nary a hoot or holler, and no uproarious applause. Well, my friend and I, riding sweetly on a perfect buzz, tried to do our part. But two spinny gals alone can't lure a band back on stage when the audience is already steadily trickling out. Which is a damn shame, because the show seemed just the kind of soulful, heavy, sweaty, cozy, trippy, everyone-get-in-on-it, wiggle-your-toes-in-the-grass, stroke-the-one-you-dig, rock-steady, West coast brand of party that is meant to go on until dawn.

Last time I saw Pink Mountaintops it was just the man himself, Stephen McBean, with electric guitar in hand and drum machine on floor; he was quietly intense and ultimately pretty mesmerizing. Singing growlingly about fucking, and fucking mountains, this little scraggly dude, whose particular sex appeal would regularly operate beyond the bounds of my personal taste, rendered me plenty hot under the collar. Things weren't so intimately steamy this time around: McBean brought real live backing along, and thus it was more of an atmosphere of friends getting mellow and deep around the campfire. The band looks just as you might imagine them: the women super-hip and super-cute; the guys scruffy and rockin' the hippy vibe.

pink_m2.jpgWhen the show was over I chatted with one of the drummers at the bar, and told him I wished they could've played all night. He replied, matter-of-factly, but like it disappointed him, that they hadn't received the kind of response that would justify an encore. Not disappointed like his ego was hurt, but like he just would've liked nothing more than to play and play. I was already sad that the show had ended; this display of easy-going eagerness made me even sadder about it. So I apologized profusely for this bewildering audience response, and insisted it must be a sign of smoking-ban adjustments (i.e. everyone desperately wanted to run outside and light up). I didn't want to suggest that we might be just a bunch of fussy whiny babies who can't stay up past 2 am on a Friday night. Whatever the pathetic reason, on behalf of my adopted town, I apologize to you Pink Mountaintops: you put on an undeniably damn hot show, and you deserved better.

blackangels2.jpgThe only opening act I managed to catch was The Black Angels. The band was just right to get my psych-rock night rolling. Think the Doors with meanderings into the Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain, and even U2. After the show, smoking out on the sidewalk, in sadly inclement weather, my friend and I had a fun time chatting for a bit with the keyboardist, Jennifer, a tiny thing with a great drawl. She is impressed with Montreal's 99 cent pizza slices, and with how fit everybody looks compared to the States. She hails from--get this--a family of morticians based in Gun Barrel City, Texas. She says that Six Feet Under is surprisingly realistic, and that it has made her cry with recognition. I've been Six Feet Under resistant--I'm one of the last few, I know--but this recommendation might finally be enough to convince me to, um, dig in.

(Thanks to remi A. for so kindly supplying me with photos of the show.)



Dave / June 13, 2006 at 12:28 pm
Wow, the keyboard player was wearing a Suede T-Shirt? Fucking Awesome!
roger / June 13, 2006 at 06:33 pm
Totaly got a different vibe off this show. I didn't think pink mountain tops were bad but they certainly dont deserve any of the hype, there sound was pretty generic and the energy level kind of stayed the same through the whole set. The Black Angels were better but their set started great then plateaued towards the midle. I think they need a lead instrument to kind of guide the band in different places.

all that bieng said I had a good time at the show and dont think either band is bad just not great.
Dave / June 14, 2006 at 12:38 pm
The show WAS good, and they did undoubtedly play their hearts out - but some of us had been there long enough to see all THREE opening bands also play their hearts out; not just ambling in during the Black Angels set (who were great, BTW). We’d been there for almost 5 hours by the time Pink Mountaintops played their last note. Had they taken the stage at 10:30, I’m sure no one would have let them leave before 1 am. Now, that wasn’t so much a problem (we all got our money’s worth), but the sound sure as heck was! Black Mountain sounded friggin’ amazing at Théâtre National last year. This show sounded like trying to enjoy the CD a few decibels past what your speakers can handle, while trying to purée a handful of nails in a blender. To be clear, I had a great time, but my legs (and ears) were ready to go at 1:50am… I’ll catch them again next time.
Trixie / June 15, 2006 at 12:17 am
Fair enough. I mean about the ambling in late and not putting in the hours. But I believe the comfort zone is 3 bands max. and I know too well that my own inner whiny baby gets cranky standing through too many bands. And going out too early to shows. The night time is the right time, baby.
DaveR514 / June 16, 2006 at 09:16 am
Nice site (blog/message board), BTW. Thanks for putting up the pics from the show...

I just caught another show at the same venue on Wednesday night, and am pleased to report that I'm not crazy - live music at Sala can in fact sound quite good.
Ajit / February 4, 2015 at 07:59 am
These shots of waterfalls are amnaizg Jay! Of course I recognize many of them being born and raised in Hamilton. But you have captured them with an amnaizgly peaceful, tranquil view that lets the viewer feel like they have seen them even if they haven't. It makes me want to climb up on one of those rocks and feel the mist! Great job~
Rod / November 11, 2016 at 10:03 am
Hi there, after reading this awesome post i am also delighted to share my familiarity here with mates.

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