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All over the Mutek

Posted by Nika / June 7, 2006

“Are you here for Mutek? … I just ate some mushrooms, sorry.” Smoking outside the Laïka is fun, I’ve been meeting the most interesting people. It seems that everyone attending the 7th edition of Mutek this year stopped by the St-Laurent Boulevard bar for a drink, a quick wireless fix or to show off their hot new nerd glasses. The gentleman on shrooms had planned his trip well and with some original phrasing (much like his quote above) he made me realize that he had very different ideas about music, sound and new technologies than the rest of us attending the fest.

To be perfectly honest, I never managed to make it down to one bloody Mutek show, presentation or other peripheral panel last weekend. I blame it on the fact that the festival ran for only 5 short days. In reality, I spent the whole weekend packing boxes and buying beer for my helpful friends. But luck had it that the opening cocktail party last Wednesday fit my pre-moving schedule to a tee and I made it just in time to miss the speeches.

Mutek%20202.jpgNot on the guest list? No problem. Simply mention a magazine you may or may not work for and within 20 seconds, the lovely young man at the door hands over 2 free drink tickets.

Mont-Royal eatery Misto catered the affair. Scents of mouth watering curries filled the Ex-Centris courtyard but the ridiculously long line-up for the food tent dampened my hunger. Ok, so did all the free wine.

So yeah, Mutek. Woot! Next year I SWEAR I’ll go. Swear.



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