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Are you People? Go to: Suoni per Il Popolo [VIDEO]

Posted by Robyn / June 8, 2006

Suoni per il popolo - "Sounds for the people" - June 1 - 25, 2006
Casa del Popolo and Sala Rossa, Montreal

::VIDEO:: of Josephine Foster, Diane Cluck, Jack Rose, Mammatus, Residual Echoes, Plastic Crimewave Sound

This is kind of a crazy festival. It runs for a month, there are usually a couple shows each night, and the music runs from heavy drone-like metal to improvised jazz to harp folk. A person could get overwhelmed, a person could get tired. But a person is also part of The People, for whom the festival is named - people who make the music, and people who listen to it, and people who love it so much that they organize a month of it, sacrificing sleep and any semblance of routine life for the cause. And it's worth it, so worth it.

As I am only one person, I could only manage one show a night, but I did go Friday, Saturday and Sunday and am here to report back - with words and VIDEO. Video that is for the most part fairly dark and whose sound quality is kind of insulting, especially to the LOUD bands, but video nonetheless! I think of it as representing a memento, but also a very small and unsatisfying bite of something you might just want a lot more of.

(nb: these are all windows media files, yeah yeah, i know, but if you're onna mac and they're not working for you, go to microsoft-land for mac stuff or go on a detour to my page for the poorer quality flash version.)

Friday night (June 2) brought me to Sala Rossa, where I was greeted with the last five minutes of Montreal's White Flower, who are lovely and whom I was sad to have missed. They were singing harmonies. I had only ever heard Diane Cluck and Josephine Foster on the Golden Apples of the Sun compilation, so I was all excited. Diane Cluck unassumedly took the stage and I was pretty much in love within five minutes. She's Real and she doesn't want to live in Brooklyn/NY anymore. (click on pictures to make video happen.)
Josephine Foster might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it when artists make me feel like I'm sitting in a forest grove and there are birdies and dappled sunshine but also something vaguely sinister lurking in the wooded darkness. She's dreamy and pretty great.


Saturday night (June 3) saw me getting out of the house late (as per...) and down to Casa del Popolo for about three songs in Emerald Cloud Cobra's set - sitar playing! and other things! It was neat, possibly even groovy, but in a non-annoying way. Pretty quickly after that, Jack Rose lumbered up on stage, picked up his 12-string guitar (from a stand of 3 guitars - "That stand is the only thing prog about me.") and I just sorta began to melt/go transcendental or something. As this is what happened when I listen to Jack Rose. It's crazy how much sound can come from one acoustic guitar.


He later played some country-folk songs on six-string guitar and others on lap-guitar. And then, for the last two songs, Glenn Jones (of Cul de Sac) came up on stage and played with him. (more video at my corner of the internet.)

Sunday night (June 4) - another night at Casa del Popolo. But the afternoon was spent at Piknic Electronik dancing to Richie Hawtin, so Sunday was all a bit big on contrast, yet somehow it worked for me.

I arrived totally totally ready and excited for Mammatus and: whoa. heavy. awesome. mammatus. Such a loud show, but not chaotically loud - the music tells a story, in a way - "It's about the woods," Nicky, the singer etc., told me afterwards. I've been camping in the woods outside Santa Cruz, CA, where these guys are from, and I can tell you: it is! It made me want to run away from the city. I could have listened to Mammatus for another hour at least.

Residual Echoes
: also pretty freakin' awesome, also from Santa Cruz (area), California, just as Mammatus is. also: loud. yes!

Plastic Crimewave Sound
: I'm not even sure if these guys are my thing, but I liked the show. And they had lots of awesome album art and other things for sale, which, along with the awesome album art of the Mammatus album, made for a pretty great merch table layout. But yeah, I think they're what blew my ears out, in the end, (as they came on after the other two bands), even though I'd half-assed plugged said ears (to future me: always remember earplugs. you are not 19. you are not even 24. toilet paper is not an earplug.)

P.S. If you didn't get to go see Sun Ra Arkestra on Tuesday, as I did not, CKUT broadcast it and the show is available for download from their archives: part 1, part 2.

P.P.S. I am going to Bardo Pond on Saturday, yaay!

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