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Hot Diggity: Stills Footage! [Video]

Posted by MP / June 7, 2006

thestills.jpgBeing a colossal sucker for juicy hooks, I'm a fan of The Stills. I suppose that also makes me a fan of this. And this. And let's not forget this dude. He's so hooktastic, he's practically off da hook. But already, I've gone askew.

On May 13th, 2006, I ventured off to The Spectrum in search of said hooks. Well, the music kind, anyhow. One would seriously have to question the venue's security if hipsters were able to walk into that place packin' meat hooks.

Anyway. What better time to catch them, I thought, then the last 19 seconds of the concert? This was no stellar example of, well, any kind of behaviour: proper fan, diligent videoblogger, person who likes hooks....you name it. Poor showing on my part. I blame the internet. In fact, shouldn't you be at a concert or something?

However, to my credit, what did I decide to do with those 19 seconds of Stills goodness? Why, cover it for you, of course.

Now, I should probably disclose that I had a little problem with the sound on my camera. By the time I showed up, the band she was a rawkin' in full tilt, as they say. This proved challenging for my little burrito. What, you don't name your gadgets?

No matter on the sound front, though. Fret not, my video-hungry minions. I just layered one of their more popular tracks over top of the concert footage, and I dare say that the match is seamless.

Click here, or on the image above, to view.



Jer / June 7, 2006 at 09:14 am
Wow. With your vivid description, and unflinching integration of sound and visuals, I feel like I was there.

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