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Bleubird Q&A

Posted by John / July 20, 2006

Bleubird: I Make Weird

Montreal rapper Bleubird, who opens for Omni and Fatlip this Sunday at Main Hall, was kind enough to answer a few questions.

1. According to your bio, you have skills that surpass those of everyone else in the whole wide world, ever. Fine. But who comes close in modern times? What about historically (for this you'll probably have to think outside of hip-hop)?

-listen man, you know who writes that shit for me...14yr old interns..
i steer clear of the business end if you catch what i'm throwing
you know what i'm saying?
to quote my good friend doug " people talk shit on hammer, but run up on hammer...he will woop your ass!" oh, and mikey mcdonald, and steve augeri (perry's replacement). steve guttenburg, chevy chase ... big into him ...
don't really care much for history though...only losers care about what happened
i'm into what's happening
soon the US is going to enslave another race with blunt force and alot of bowties are gonna spin ...
ronald reagan ronald reagan ronald reagan

2. In "I Make Weird" you note that: Information is not knowledge/Knowledge is not wisdom/Wisdom is not truth/Truth is not beauty/Beauty is not love/Love is not music/Music is life. Please elaborate on this, with special emphasis on Truth not being Beauty. I was pretty convinced of that one.

-man ... that's a frank zappa quote ... it ends "music is the best!" because it is! truth isn't beauty becasue fake boobs can pop and make-up can be cried off ... doves do it ... thugs do it, and i bet hipsters cry alot.

3. The state of hip-hop in Montreal: how bad is it? Can anything be done? Note: I meant for this question to be more about audiences than artists, but that was pretty unclear, clearly.

-bad? wow!..scott da ros, sixtoo, p-love, matt kelley, kid koala, bully records, endemik, khyro, scratch bastid, ghislain porier...this place is choc full of churches and artists. things are gettin done around here.

4.. The state of New York-style pizza in Montreal: how bad is it? Can anything be done?

-now you're talkin, it's bad ... we're so close ... yet so far from a NY slice. this one time i was in jersey and i ate dis slice and i was all like freakin wowzers man. i think if the city showed rambo one , two, and three, for free at all the theatres all the time ... forever ... the pizza would change here.

5. Some of your jobs: Dishwasher, waiter, bartender, gymnast, ditch digger, stonemason, ninja, camp counsellor. First, I assume you didn't get paid to be a gymnast or a ninja, but if so, how? Second, which of those jobs prepared you most for becoming a hip-hop legend? Can we assume there's a Karate-Kid element to this kind of training, in which the skills come from unexpected places?

-i was more of a competition gymnast, the ninja was a straight up lie ... nothing prepared me, i'm a dishwasher and i can build a couple things, legends have helicopters and rare diseases.
sure ralph machio had a hand in shaping my skills
we used to run together up in chino
he taught me how to run on the beach with little shorts
and the soccer ball thing.

6. Seriously, what's the story of you beating Josh Martinez in a dance battle?

-bloomington indiana, site of the "little 500" bicycle race, me josh and doug, in a living room, my running man was clean, doug had a nasty uprock, josh busted out the roger rabbit! doug brushed his hair, then i levitated and hummed the american national anthem (in english). no one contested. win-win situation

7. Florida (wherever you lived) vs. Montreal: what do they have in common? That's right.

-funny that you ask ... christ.

8. Desert island list question - variation: you've got a TV, carousel DVD player, and a generator. Which five CDs or DVDs would you want to have if stranded for the rest of your life? (The island has plenty of
coconuts, pineapples and delicious wild boars.)

-easy ... police academy 1-5, bring back the whole cast ... sweetchuck, mahoney, tackleberry ... michael winslow, the guy who did all the sound effects with his mouth ... he was in spaceballs, too! i want to make a record with that dude. i would just eat coconuts and pineapples WITH the delicious wild boars and try to befriend them and ride them around ...



doug / July 26, 2006 at 11:39 pm
werd to the bird...
ya'll don't know that fool can shower in bathtubs with plastic service station big gulp cups...
and he won the dance battle on sacrificing his body... not skill...
I'm da b-boy trained by "pete" of ROCK WIT STYLE...

peace....jimmy carter

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