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Let's talk about eating: Lagwagon Q&A

Posted by John / July 22, 2006

lagwagon.jpgLagwagon, a California punk band and Fat Wreck Chords' first signing, play Metropolis on Tuesday with labelmates the Lawrence Arms. There are about 1,000 interviews with Lagwagon available on the information superhighway, most of them pretty much identical, so, to avoid repetition, I asked guitarist Chris Rest about food. The answers may surprise you. Or seem dumb. One or the other.

1. It's understood that the food available while on the road is often less than desirable, but you've been touring for well over a decade. This might suggest that you've learned lessons and discovered secrets that enable you to eat better. Is this true? If so, please elaborate.

The secret we've learned has a name. That name is "McDonalds." Not only is it good, but we get to laugh at Jesse and call him a dumb, hungry vegetarian.

2. That said, please attempt to recall the most repulsive eating experience encountered on the road.

This morning (1pm) we were lured into a place in St. Louis with promises of eggs. But once seated, were informed that they had just sold the last egg. I went with the "Fish and Chips." It was fishy and railer. On top of a pretty decent hangover it was not rad. It may not be the most repulsive experience ever, but the
most recent.

The most repulsive was probably in Greece. When we opened the food they gave us backstage, roaches scattered. Later nearly everyone got food poisoning from food we got at a stand.

3. There are a lot of chain restaurants with apostrophe-S names: Chili's, Applebee's, TGI Friday's, etc., which usually feature pre-fab wall eccentricities and au-gratin-heavy menus. Is the apostrophe-S a symbol that stands for "avoid at all costs," or are there certain restaurants or certain menu items that can be tolerated?

We rarely make it into those restaurants. I'm always excited to see Waffle House. But mainly it's the jukebox that we enjoy there.

4. Is there a city that you've visited that you've come to understand as being the place with a higher quality of food than any other? Like, perhaps when you get a tour schedule from your booking agent, you think, all dreamily, "Ah, Omaha, home of the world's greatest grilled tilapia with dill."

I always look forward to Canada with A&W featuring the breakfast sandwich, the "Bacon 'n' Egger." Although one should be careful how you pronounce it.

4a. What restaurant/food do you think of when you think of Montreal?

Bangers and mash, hold the bangers. (Courtesy of Jesse)

5. Name three tour bus snack staples, and explain their importance.

Vodka, Juice and Blue Gatorade and ICE. Combined they form the perfect beverage. SWAMP WATER!

6. Have you noticed that Doritos came out with a bunch of new flavours not too long ago? Some of them were pretty reasonable, in my opinion, but some seemed pretty synthetic. Are you a classic (i.e., Nacho Cheese) Doritos person, or do you accept/embrace the Doritos' scientists' efforts to push the limits of nacho chip flavour technology?

Flip thinks that the old school Nacho Cheese ones are the only ones worth eating. The Doritos scientists' time would be better spent trying to find a way to keep the nacho cheese flavoring on the chip rather than coating your fingers.

6a. OK, fine, but how do you feel about the Dill-icious flavour?

The scientist who came up with that flavor should be duct-taped to a tree and beaten severely. When he regains consciousness, he should be forced to live the remainder of his life with Dill-icious Doritos as his only form of sustenance.

7. California could be considered an origin of the organic food movement. There are certain themes within that movement that seem to reflect a punk rock ethos, but on the other hand organic food has also been embraced by the yuppie set. So, without getting into the question of whether Lagwagon is punk or not, is organic food punk? Why or why not?

Fair trade food is punk, organic food is hippie.

8. When you get home from touring, do you cook? Do you ever feel a sense of catharsis when cooking something that rivals the sense of freedom/catharsis I presume you feel on stage? Please provide an example if this is the case.

No stage experience is better than a home-made tri-tip burrito.

9. What is your critical opinion of cilantro?

I think people should stop calling it coriander. Cilantro is a vital part of mexican food, corn on the other hand, is not (Germany!). Mexican food should be a vital part of any rational person's diet.



Hannah / July 24, 2006 at 04:05 pm
Rarely do I agree with folks who recommend duct-taping scientists to trees (beatings are another thing altogether), but in this case I applaud. Loudly. I've never been a huge fan of the faintly vomit-smelling Dorito chip, but the liberal flavour finger-dusting (and staining) really drops it to a lower low.
fuck you / July 24, 2006 at 11:27 pm
How cutting edge of you guys. What's next, a chat with Skankin' Pickle?
J Mac / July 25, 2006 at 02:32 am
Oh, zing! Hey, I still like Lagwagon. I gave up on trying to be cutting edge years ago. Now, instead, I waste my time by reading obscure blogs and then posting lame attempts at inflamatory comments. Oh wait, that's you! My mistake.

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