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vitaminsforyou@clublambi 06/30/06

Posted by Asmaa / July 1, 2006


from special correspondent
Omar Majeed:

Feeling run down and more than a little tired, I was hoping that a dose of vitaminsforyou would do the trick.

I anticipated that vitaminsforyou, I am Robot and Proud and Montag performing at Club Lambi would give me a much needed energy boost. Uh-uh. No.

Friday night had a weird energy. It seemed everyone was at the jazz
fest and a mere handful of people made it out to Club Lambi - in dribs and drabs. This, of course, meant
the show didn't start till almost eleven o'clock. Vitaminsforyou, aka Bryce Kushnier (the sometime Montreal, sometime Winnipeg electronica up-and-comer), was up first.

Despite such meagre attendance, the guy did his best. He tried working the crowd in banter, sang with gusto, and tried to spice up the boring aspects of a straight-up laptop show with some funky head and leg shakin.'

The music was lush and soulful. The vocals had a nice folksy feel to them, as the music employed cool beats and complex layering. It was quite beautiful, but near the end of his set, I was fully asleep.

Club Lambi, while certainly a cool space in its own right, is just awkward for these kinds of shows. Let's face it, electronica shows are just not that stage friendly, and watching a guy twiddle some knobs
and sing a few vocals on a corner of a large stage is just ennervating.

Either vitaminsforyou needed to be in a cool club setting filled with people ready to sashay and sway to his grooves, or he needed some kind of visual component to liven up the performance. That said, he was like watching Iggy Pop on speed compared to the next act.

I am Robot and Proud was one guy who played keyboard and a laptop. The music was great - but he seemed more tired than I, and I had awoken only moments later trying to stiffle the loud snore (and snort, truth be told) eminating from me. No banter. No groovy movements (he sat at the keyboard on another corner of the stage). What was the point?

Once I realized that people were just to tired to clap, I figured I couldn't stick around for Montag. I walked home whistling some of the tunes, but glad that I was out of there.

Wrong place, wrong time.

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